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Trisuits . . .

Does anyone actually train in one. In the gym last night I saw one being trained in for the first time, and it did look out of place, but I did find out that he wasn't a Triathlete.

I've only ever raced in mine, but I do sometimes wish I had the courage to practice swimming in it, and I've never had the courage to run up and down the street in it.


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    risris Posts: 1,002
    not got a tri-suit, but i've swum a few times in my tri-top to make sure that it fitted ok, didn't drag too much and so i could show off. i've seen one person at my local pool in a trisuit but i didn't ask if they were a triathlete.
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    I only really wear mine for brick sessions. I've seen a few people wearing orca and zoot Tri-shorts in the pool but then they just look like long swimming trunks.
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    swim in mine most of the time, but all my summer swimming is in the sea so itsw under my wetsuit,
    think if iturned up at the pool in one i'd be arrested.
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have speperates but i have worn both for a swim/bike brick - i just wore a tshirt over the top for the bike and for a bike/run brick - just wore a loose pair of shorts over the top for the run (i was running in a park and didn't want to get arrested for scareing young children or old ladies).
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    brick sessions and when I've done my home made tris but since wearing my wetsuit at the local pool no one bats an eyelid over what I wear:)
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    jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    I got a Tri suit at the start of this season & did a few pool training swims just so I was used to it, did get some very bewildered looks from the Oldies doing Aquathon as I entered the Lane section.
    I've never trained in it since, I do my Bricks in a pair of Bib's and a vest.
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    quite regularly train or swim or brick in a tri suit.

    i don;t give a toss what anybody else thinks - its my training not there's. I think their blue rinse or super speedos underneath their beer gut probably look daft, but that's their prerogative and I respect it.

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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I occasionally wear mine swimming and also for some brick sessions.

    At my local outdoor pool the 07:00 - 09:00 session is about the only time you can swim properly. During that session trisuits and wetsuits are fairly commonplace. For the rest of the day it is full of kids splashing about and having fun
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