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T1 set up . . .

As London is looming, and the thought of a massive and congested Transtion seems daunting, so I was wondering if there are rules on how T1 should be set up.

Generally, as you look at the rack, I rack my bike with the front wheel facing out, and hung by the tip of the saddle. Helmet and glasses resting on handlebars. Cycling shoes to the right of the bike (Yeah, yeah, I know they should be clipped in, but that's another thread), and running shoes and socks on the left of the bike (another thread as well).

Then when my shoes are on, bike is easy to unrack, it's facing the right way, and when I unrack I am running to the mount line with the bike in my right hand (preferrred hand) and on the left of the bike (away from the chainset).

Back inT2, bike is mounted front wheel in, back wheel out, and I can drop straight down and trainers on, as they are postioned on the side I ran with the bike.

I'm conscious that in having shoes one side and trainers the other I'm possibly taking up too much space, as others seems to position trainers behind running shoes on one side only.

I know this is easily rectifiable by having the shoes already cliped in in T1, but am I comitting a sin and taking up too much room in Transition?
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