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Cervelo R3 2007

Seen a good deal on a cervelo R3 2007 frame for £1,700. Read loads of good stuff about how it's been used to win loads of races and things, really stiff, looks cool, etc. Does anyone out there have one and rate it? What's it weigh (yeah I'm a weight junky!!) Thanks in advance!


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I have a Cervelo R3 SL, it is the best bike I've ridden and I have quite a few, stiff, light, and great geometry. I took it to the Dolomites and it performed sublimely. Put the best kit you can afford on it for the best results.

    I have just completed a triathlon in Antwerp and used the P3C - now that was revealing - I could not believe how aero and fast the bike is, if your bike is exclusively for tri/tt then consider a P3C

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