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Stratford Tri

Hi All,

Just wanted to know how those who took part in Sundays' Stratford Tri done?

I was a little bit disappointed in the fact that the cycle was so short.


  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    I thought it was a pretty good event a few quibbles

    transition was utter carnage - there's loads more space they could use
    cycle was short but a nice route except for tight roundabout at the end where I got squeezed by a car and came off I knew I should have kept the bell on!
    Also on the run route there was a group of about 8 'mature' walkers plus dogs determined to stick to the path causing a blockage - they could have closed the path to walkers for just a few hours surely
    The finish was a bit wierd it just suddenly appeared and not many people could get to watch

    but on the plus side good parking and changing facilities and all in all worked well for over 1000 people

    Personally pretty chuffed with 1.09
  • memphismemphis Posts: 10
    I started a bit earlier so never experienced the busy roundabout but I know all to well how busy it gets on there. Two years ago I saw a women in an SUV how go to close to the kerb and some guy came off because of her and she was clueless as to what was going on!

    The end of the race could be a bit better but I'm not sure if the have any other option there.

    I'm looking forward to the South Coast Classic in August!.

    I hope the Warwickshire tri is the old cycle route because I'm chasing 1:10min for that.

    I need a TT bike, it would make things alot easier!!
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    i have come to love the madness that is stratford...i had done it a couple of times previously so sort of knew what to expect, however i had 3 new comers who thought the whole thing was like the wild west.
    Glad to go out in the early stages, and only had 1 incident on the tight bend back into the parking lot when one of the stewards moved the inside cones to allow a large people carrier cut the corner...with me on the inside
    the run conditions were probably worse than ever and cross trainers may have been better...
    anyway highlight of the day was my newbie mate wearing his helmet the wrong way round for the whole bike leg....
  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    Unfortunately I started at 34th, which normally wouldnt be to bad, ie not many people on the course, HOWEVER, it was 6 degrees so it meant wearing more than I expected to. The only thing I could find to wear over my tri suit was a running jacket which took about half a min to get on (frustrating).

    Bike course was ok if somewhat short, managed to miss one of the tight bends and went up a bank but fortunately back down the other side onto the road.

    Run was, as previously mentioned, very off road, I prefered the course of 2 years ago which was more on the paths.

    Managed to finish 34th, however cold didnt do my cough much good (
  • memphismemphis Posts: 10
    34th ?? well done!!

    I started 74th and finished 66th and also felt the cold a little but couldn't be bothered about wearing anything over my Tri suit.

    I think the next event I'm entering is the South Coast Classic....
  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    By the time I got to the run it lovely and warm (well warm in comparison). If I had started 30 mins later Im sure the temperature would have been fine. Also my cold probably wouldnt have caused so many problem. BUT .... you live and learn ;o) next time I will put down a slower swim so I start a little later ;o))))))
  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    well it was my 1st time doing stratford and wasn't too bad a tri in my opnion. I quited like the pokey closeness of transition as it didn't mean having to run what feels like a marathon to get from the swim to my bike like in say London. But there is definatley a quant chaotic nature to proceedings with the "fun" of riding through stratford on non closed roads or running round ramblers. But to me that adds to the uniquness of it all.

    as for the race I finished quite low down in 540th!!! But if you look at my run time and if I hadn't done at least 2 too many lengths in the pool (my error as I misheard the announcer in transition and thought he said 4 x LOOPS not lengths per section and it didn't dawn on me until halfway through the 2nd section that this didn't make sense and I had read 12 lengths!) and if my as expected bike leg was a lot better then I think I may have squeezed a top 220 postion as run and swim time (if done in correct lengths) was comparable to people in those poistions but the bike was very much below them.

    So I have confirmed what I thought, my bike section is crap! so I shall make more effort to improve this. But with Blenheim coming up I'll know more if I have "improved" as a triathlete as I did that one last year with a time of 1hr 45 and in training my run has improved and my open water swimming is faster than last year too.
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