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push off or swim?

diddsdidds Posts: 655
calling all gurus!

250m pool swim ina supersprint coming up soon.

In practise tonight i got Mrs Didds to time me with a push off and glide (going quite deeply) until I breach (!), and then afgain when i push off near the surface and sswim as soon as I breach 9quite close to the wall in comparison)... timing me on the 2nd swim efforttowhere I breached on the first.

(hope that makes sense).

Deep pushoff and glide took 8 seconds, shallow puish off, not much glide then swim took 5 seconds.

Its ten lengths... which is potentially THIRTY seconds saved.

Does that sound right - should I not be pushing off so far and swimming MORE ? Or id it just that because that is how it works for me,I should do it that way (ie push off shallow and hardly any distance).

Relative distances are maybe 8-10 metres deep long glide, <5m shallow glide to then swim.



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Looks like you got it sorted with a shallow dive.

    During the first part of the pushoff you should be going far faster than you can swim. As soon as you slow down to the same pace that you swim then start swimming. Ideally you would breach the surface at that crossover point. About 5m would be fairly common but can be further. Have you got the glide position sorted as a more steamlined body will glide further before the crossover point? Hands one on top of the other, arms straight, biceps squeezing head at or just behind ears, looking straight down, long strainght body with core engaged, legs straight & together with feet pointing back?

    Dificult to swim when you're at the bottom of the pool but you see it all the time. A really long drawn out deep pushoff followed but a long wait as they bob to the surface almost travelling vertically.

    Many dolphin kick on the glide but I'm sure they can post here and advise

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