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anyone know where to buy chia seeds?

As mentioned in June's edition of 220 and raved about in Christopher McDougall's book 'Born to Run' (strongly recommended reading), I was wondering if anyone has managed to get hold of this stuff?

Trying to find it takes on mythical status. Online is always an option, but has anyone managed to find chia seeds in the shops (particularly in the London area)?


  • cw_74cw_74 Posts: 11
    Hi, I've been using these guys and they are excellent


  • STUpidSTUpid Posts: 8
    I've always had good service with www.gojiking.co.uk
  • blaze1235blaze1235 Posts: 64
    STUpid wrote:
    I've always had good service with http://www.gojiking.co.uk
    That was the link i was going to add...

    after hunting web looked the best and at a reasonable price.
  • da_coxda_cox Posts: 7
    Cheers for the info, guys. I bought from 'Funky Raw' - 1kg for 18 pounds, (exc p&p) which seems to be the cheapest around. After trying it a few times after some serious workouts, I can't say I noticed much of difference, but maybe you have to use it over a period of time... The way they market these things you'd think it was a miracle cure!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
  • Hi
    I am new to this forum but http://www.chia4uk.com sell chia seeds in the UK and they cost as low as £8.00 per 500g exc p+p. Their is lots of useful information on web site too.
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