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I just thought I'd update everyone on this forum.

Some of you may not know that in 5 days time I am racing a middle distance tri - so 1.9km OW swim, 90km bike and 21km run at the Cowman Middle.

The slight difference is that I am towing, pulling and pushing my son Ewan around the whole course. Ewan has Cerebral Palsy and I am racing to raise money for charity.

The concept started on this forum and has snowballed into something a little bigger than I had imagined.

If you fancy taking a look at our website http://www.teamlaws.co.uk and have a mooch about you will see what I am talking about.

We have been in Tri24/7

Featured in Triathletes World magazine, soon to be in Tri Plus magazine - hopefully 220 soon, we were filmed by a TV company racing the OD at Windsor recently, had our own Team Laws kit made by Champion systems that we sell to make money for charity - see the pics on facebook.

We are also on Facebook (just search for Team Laws) so drop in and say hello.

We have a huge amount of support from friends and family - and our club - the BCTTT are turning up en mass on Sunday to both race and support. If anyone is racing the Cowman then feel free to say hello as you come past us.

Er... that's it - just haven't been on here for ages so it was about time to mention it.

Thanks to all those who have donated and contributed - it has made a huge difference already.


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