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Previously I posted about saddle soreness. I have since got two new pairs of cycling shorts and some Sudocream and this seems to have helped with the chaffing. I now have another problem in that during longer rides I am suffering from numbness of the old soldier. I think that this is probably due to pressure from the saddle. Having looked at a new saddle, some are now designed with the cut out section, supposedly relieving any pressure. Does anyone have any advice as to whether these work? I bought the bike second hand and the saddle came with it. Therefore it may have had some quite considerable use. Can a saddle be worn out?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    It could also be pressure placed by poor cycling position,are you leaning too far forward on the bars/tri bars,some frames create a buzz which can cause numbness particularly when using a turbo trainer.
  • I dont feel like i'm leaning too far forward, but I do feel like I only sit on the nose of the saddle. I have tried adjusting the saddle by moving it further forward on the rails. I have also tried tilting the saddle up and down amd cannot find a comfortable position. I only seem to get two results......either feel like I'm slipping off the front of the saddle or the nose is pushing into my nether regions and causes even more discomfort.
  • I had the same problem until I dropped the height of the saddle by 5mm. Total comfort change. I now have the saddle horizontal so no sliding off the front and don't get uncomfortable pressure from the nose even though it's just a normal saddle (a Charge Spoon from Wiggle).
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Tri_dot_dom does have a point,your ride height can vary depending on cycle shoes and the thickness of the shorts padding,a few mm can make all the difference,some pro cyclists even chop the front of the saddles for a better fit.
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