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Ironman UK - Spaces left??!!

Looking on ironman.com in the events list it says that IMUK still has space available, where it seems nearly every other IM race is sold out.
Why is that?
I'm going to do an IM race next year and I'm trying to choose which to do - preferably late in the season and not Southern hemisphere ($$$). Logically I'd sign up for the one closest to home, but the fact that there are places available this late in the day doesn't inspire confidence.
What's everyone think?


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    The feedback I got from a friend who did IMUK last year in Bolton was that it was not an inspiring location. I know there were some unforeseeable weather conditions that messed up some of the organisation. It is not well supported in the UK so rather than do an expensive M dot race in this country you can do a cheaper not branded one like the Outlaw, Big Woody etc.

    Or, go to europe where it is as or more expensive but the support is massive. I'm doing my first IM in Switzerland in 2 weeks and have heard really postive things about the whole thing.
  • TonyNevTonyNev Posts: 5
    just replied to the post in the general chat section on this.

    Although not sold out (do not know what their max numbers were) there are just under 1400 racers!! i did IM NZ and there is only 1200!! so it depends on the size of field available!

    as much as spectators help and athlets around you its all about you and the 140.3 miles infront of you!

  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    I disagree.

    Doing an IM event is more than the race itself. It's about the feeling you get, the emotion and the ups and downs. he support, the history etc.

    IMUK for me has NOTHING to offer.

    No offence to anyone who lives in Bolton - but BOLTON... hardly a beauty spot is it.

    I shall be venturing overseas next year and I'm sorry to say I will never do IMUK.

    It's far too tempting to nip on a plane and do one somewhere else exotic.
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