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GPS Cycle software for WM Smartphones

ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
Hi all
Just to show iphone users that there are other kids on the block.

Found this freeware application for Windows Mobile phones (GPS enabled). Tried it out today on my XDA Ignito and very happy with it
•Logs GPS data into binary files with .gcc extension.
•*.gcc files can be loaded back for viewing, or saved into .kml or .gpx format, to view in e.g. GoogleEarth.
•Does not use any data network connection.
•To save battery power, GPS can be switched on/off at pre-defined intervals (5 sec ... 10 min)
•Does not required any other GPS software to be installed, i.e. works directly with Windows GPS driver.
Main display data
•trip distance,
•trip time (including or excluding "stop time", i.e. when speed is zero)
•current / average / max speed
•current position relative to starting point (as x/y)
•current height
•battery usage
•display units are miles / mph, km / km/h or nautical miles / knots

Graph display data
•x/y coordinates relative to starting point
[attachment=0:fm1mnky5]GPS Cycle.jpg[/attachment:fm1mnky5]

I got V 3.67 here:
http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-dow ... puter.html

And the developers site is here:

Just started the application when I set off, switched off the phone so that it runs in the background and it happlily logs your progress.

I must say that it is the first one I have tried, if I find anything better I will do an update.


  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174
    Good find.

    There's also "Sports Tracker" if you have a Symbian phone (including the Nokia touch screens - 5800, X6 etc).

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