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I have been using Saucony Pro Grid Triumph 4's for the last year. First pair were brilliant, second pair dont feel so good. Looking to change to something with some decent cushioning. I've been told I'm a neutral runner but I've also recently been told by my physio that I run and walk on the outside of my feet. This is definitely apparent on my running shoes as the majority of the wear is on the outside of the sole. Having also put on a stone recently (due to injury), I am now nearly fifteen stone. Can anyone recommend a pair of shoes that would be appropriate for me.


  • There is an American web retailer "Road Runner Sports" who have a function called "Shoe Dog". Put in your details and it comes up with recommended shoes. Also has a very extensive consumer (runner) review section. At least it gives you some direction and input. I used to buy a pair of Brooks (Defyance) after years of running in Mizunos, which by the way are recommended for "heavier" runners.



  • Phil TPhil T Posts: 49
    Hi there

    Best go see a podiatrist and one who has a interest in biomechanics and sports injuries. There is an advert towards the back of the current 220 for a clinic in West Byfleet which I don't think is a million miles from you. They should then be able to recommend a running shoe. I would never buy a trainer unless I've tried it on first but that's just a personal thing.

    Hope that helps
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