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Sunday OD Hyde park bike leg BIG crash!!

As I came to the end of my 3rd run lap I saw a guy dressed in black silver aero helmet on a black full TT bike clip the inside bale on the right left part of the course (just before the bridge) on his return leg.
He did a full forward somersault and parted from the bike in mid air. The bike crashed down bounced two or three times just missing the photographer on that corner. The front wheel separated from the bike and bounced off to the other side of the course.
As I looked across he was up and running to (the biggest bit of) his bike but I wondered if its anyone who comes on here or anyone has heard anything on another forum.

If it is tell him I'd give him 5.9 overall....n hundred quid for whats left of his bike


  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    It was carnage out there yesterday! Never seen anything like it. Scarey.
    I was on the bike leg about 10am and there were 4 big crashes during that time.
    I saw one guy, 20 yards in front of me, go straight on into the barriers at the middle dead turn and go over the top. I saw a couple more wounded along the way and had to shout for marshals and medics.
    The prize goes to the idiot that I overtook, who then decided he'd get a free tow, only to then ride into the back of me 5 minutes later, putting himself into the steel barriers in the process.
    Seriously don't know what the deal was out there. Slippy roads? Maybe it got better in the afternoon.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    As you know we were warned it was a "technical course" but I dont think people actually understood that it meant tight turns and rough surfaces.
    One thing that was obvious was very few people knew about apexing and racing lines. A lot of riders were hugging the inside of corners and their momentum was throwing them out wide on the exit.....no problem as a wide entry and a check over the inside shoulder had me underneath em and back in the tuck!
    The return straight was downhill and a full on top gear pump each lap and enjoyable. I was out about from 1135am (Tata wave) n other than a few punctures and "The Stuntman" did nt see as much action as you did.
  • I was pretty surprised to see so much carnage out there. I was out from about 9-10am Sunday morning, so probably pretty soon after the big crash at the top end of the park, and saw three tasty crashes. One fool on a TT bike losing it at the top apex, then a rather strange multiple pile up going downhill on horseguards. This looked quite nasty with an ambulance pulling up and plenty of tears and shocked faces. I can only assume someone looking at their computer drifted into a couple of riders. The final one was the sound of crunching carbon behind me, again at the top end of the park.

    Lots of blood and road rash, hope everyone was ok.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    WOW, i'm really surprised as i did this last year and I can't recall a single crash...well other than Gomez in the elite race that is.

    Were there many more people doing it this year? I guess that may account for some of it and if the roads were wet with carbon wheels you don't tend to stop, or really slow at all. Perhaps people havent trained on their race wheels to work out how they stop ompared to how the training wheels do
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    75 in each wave setting off every 15 mins so no busier than any other event. did nt notice any dampness as such but the bike course was tight in a few places - 180deg turns within a 10m radius but worse thing was the road surface. HRH needs to get the tarmacers in especially in the downhill bit where that scaffolding was.

    I reckon a lot of people (would it be unfair to say novices?) see the bike leg as an oportunity to "gain time".

    I,m doing Excel next weekend n theres more than a couple doing that but it is a wider course. Crash vultures make your way to the hairpins rather then the usual gloating at the bike mount point as people set of clipped in with too high a gear. :roll:
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    hmm, sounds like last year then, a few 90deg turns plus a tight 180, with a slightly wider 180 at the other end of the course. Road suface is the same, but it sounds less crowded than last year (waves were bigger last year IIRC). I guess it must just be down to the people on the course, as you say maybe more novices/people trying to make up time by taking risks.
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