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Wetsuits for a strong kick

Looking for some help...

Been a competitive pool swimmer for many years, and going to start trying some open water racing. I'm not as fit as I was, but still probably about 60sec for a 100.

So I'm wanting a suit but from the research I've done so far, it seems all the entry-level suits may well have too much buoyancy for someone like me with a reasonable stroke and fairly strong kick.

Any suggestions on makes that are not so beginner-friendly, but cheap (sub-200)? Or will I do best hanging out on ebay and wait for a 2nd hander?



  • billabongbillabong Posts: 6
    The Orca RS1 Full suit is exactly what you need.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Speedo also do the 'Thinswim' range. Think the budget one is about £190.

    I've heard nothing but good reports on them. I've got a BS helix and I'm desparately trying to convince myself I DON'T need another wetsuit!
  • Blimey - that's only 4 seconds short of the national record!!

    Can you bike and run ? Remind me not to enter any races with you
  • saultysaulty Posts: 2
    Cheers guys. The flattery is kind but unwarranted - the British Record is 48 these days, and I am completely incapable of running (god invented taxis for a reason, in my books). Open water swimming only for me (or relays)!

    Was passing near Yeovil at the weekend so popped into Tri UK and had a bit a play in the endless pool; all sorted now with a Foor Quantum 2.4, fitted perfectly and felt lovely to swim in. Very comforting to really give a suit a go.

    Thanks again!
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