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70.3 training plans/guides/books?

As per the title i wondered if anyone could steer me towards a good training programme for the 2011 UK HIM. Maybe one of you has stumbled across a good training book or has a website link to a training plan. I'm also just as happy if someone fancies letting me know what their training plan is for a HIM...basically any help is mucho appreciated!

I'm lucky enough to be able to train up to 3 hours a day Monday to Friday but not weekends. After last weeks Olympic distance I alreayd know that it's my cycling and running that need the work (!).

Cheers in advance for any replies.


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    TBH Steve, IMO (FWTW) any generic training plan will be as good as the next. I did Austria 70.3 this year, and something like 98% of competitors finished... between them (3000 athletes in all) they must have used hundreds of different training plans, and for all but a handful every training plan used got the athlete through (and amongst those that did DNF, a good proprtion of those probably did so not through the weakness of their training, but mechanicals, illness etc).

    By generic training plan, I mean one you get from a book, or a website and don't pay anything for ie not set by a coach (and thus personal to you) - or at least nothing more than a small one off payment to buy it. Though then again, I would question why you would pay for a generic (ie non personalised) plan when you get one for free elsewhere!

    The more important thing is working at the plan. No plan however brilliant will help you achieve your goals if you average 4 hours a week and miss over half the sessions. Not that you have to be totally slavish towards it, and cannot ever miss a session... but if you don;t follow 80+% of it then you are always going to struggle.


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Worked for me in 2010...

    http://www.trifuel.com/triathlon-traini ... aining.php

    Got the nutrition wrong mind, and made the mistake of dropping one of the runs from the schedule coz something had to give and for Wimbleball the bike is important, but I did get round in a above average time.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    largeade said "made the mistake of dropping one of the runs from the schedule "

    I'd personally be wary of classing missing a run as a mistake. You can only manage what you can manage - if you can only genuinely find 8 hours a week to train, there's no point in beating yourself up because your schedule says you should be ten hours this week and you had to drop a session. If you can;t fit it in, you can't fit it in.

    If that means you don;t reach your goals or it will create an issue with a leg of the race then that needs to be readdressed, rather than expecting to achieve the same outcome come what may. that said , and certainly WADR, I doubt missing one run over 5 months will seriously impact a race in reality.

    The only caveat I'd put on that is if you find you are only ever doing half the sessions, consistently. You probably won't achieve your goals if that's the case, so you either need to readress your goals or not race that distance this time.

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