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Hed Tri Spoke Wheels/Deep Rim Spoked wheels/Disc Rear

I purchased a pair of Hed 3 Tri spoke wheels last year but to be honest I'm not sure when the optimum time to use them is over say, deep rimmed spoked wheels front and rear or deep rimmed spoke front wheel and disc wheel rear ? Can anyone advise in what conditions would tri spoke wheels front and rear benefit myself over deep rimmed carbon spoke wheels front and rear or deep rimmed front and disc rear wheel ? And under what conditions would the other wheel combos be used? Cheers, EB.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    They won't ever, I'd say sell them...to me...um...

    I think (from what I have heard/read/made up on the spot) that the benefit of a tri spoke front is that it is aero but not so troubled by cross winds so on a windy course you may want to go with that at the front rather than a deep rim. On the back...um... not sure - they look cool which is always an advantage
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