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vitruvian whos doing it??

am off to rutland on sat for the vitruvian man just wondered if any other forumers where going to be there?


  • Im not doing it but I would be greatful if you could post a review of the race as Im hoping to do it next year if I manage to enter before its full!!!!

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Unfortunately I'm not doing it. Having done the Dambuster though I would say that I might perhaps look at the Vitruivan next year.

    The rutland ripple is defo a nice set of hard hills which will sap the strength from your legs..... and you've got it twice to tackle!!!
  • I'm doing it, will be camping on site friday night ready for the early start.
    not sure if i'm looking forward to it as i know iv'e not trained hard or long enough, race plan is to start slow and get slower!
  • I'm in. Heading down this afternoon. Supposed to be a great event so really looking forward to it.
  • completed the Vituvian on Saturday. all went to plan and hit target time.

    Swim was interesting, delayed 10 minutes due to the fog and simply had to follow swimmers in front and hope they went the right way as i couldn't see anything. really enjoyed the swim getting stronger throughout and exiting in just over 44 min, bang on target time.

    out on the bike and glad i put a bike shirt on as it was pretty cold in the thick fog, had to shove glasses down my shirt as they just misted up in the thick fog. stuck to my nutrition strategy of three sips of energy drink every 10 min and a bite of food every 15 - 20. felt great throuout and even enjoyed the hills. averaged 19 mph for the ride and came in after a 2:43 ride.

    pulled on compression socks and lost the bike shirt as the sun had now come out and warmed up. headed off with a plan to run between aid stations and take a drink at each with a short walk to get it down. had planned not to use gels as i've never used them before and didn't want stomach problems but started to flag a bit so took one at the second station, went down well and no reaction so stuck with them alternating water and hi5 at each one and the walks as planned. before i knew it i had turned at the far end for the last time and only had 5.5k to go. at just over 1k i could see and hear the finish accross the corner of the lake so pushed on and even managed a bit of a sprint finish. crossed the line in 5.39.

    really enjoyed the day and would recommend this event to anyone.

    well done to all finishers and also to the organisers and marshalls who did a great job and enchouraged everyone throughout

  • I had a similar race to Doogle above.
    Swim in the thick fog meant I used the sun to steer by towards the first buoy and then used kyaks for direction. Had a great swim draughting behind the fast girls as they passed by on my 2nd lap and exited the lake in 36:35 so happy with that. It was a bit of a scrum at times as some people obviously swim with their eyes shut and cant swim straight. I had my legs pulled and people were swimming diagonally across my back at times. I had to dish out a few gentle kicks to prevent myself being drowned. !
    Onto the bike in the fog which was a bit dodgy as cars all had headlights on and they were hard enough to see. The Rutland Ripple lived up to its reputation and I was in my easiest gear going up them and it still hurt. I took 4 gels for the bike and drank plenty throughout which worked well for me. I swapped a bottle for a full one after lap 1 which was fun and ground out the 2nd lap to finish in 2:45 so better than target. The run started ok and I enjoyed the run across the dam and took a gel each time I crossed it. The turn at 10.5km was really hard as it is only 50m from the finish and my legs had gone by this point. Had a small arguement with myself whether to carry on or give up but was still moving forward all the time and before I realised it I was back on the dam with 8k to go so thought I might as well carry on. Had to walk each feed station to get jaffa cakes and drinks but the support was excellent from other competitors and the marshalls. I stopped with 3k to go to help a guy who was laid out with cramp in both legs, a quick stretch of his hamstrings and he was back up and we ran together for a bit until I had to walk again. Finally came into the finish chute and loved the cheering and hearing the announcer say I was a Vitruvian. Overall finish 5:37:38 much better than my 6 hour target and vowed never again. 6 days later and I think maybe I will have another go in a couple of years and try to break 5 hours.
    Its a must do race. The atmosphere, organisation, marshalling and competitor spirit is brilliant and the view over the lake as the sun rises is stunning
  • Anyone know when it's likely to open for 2011 entries?
  • Not gloating but I'm in for 2011 already - Ewan and I are going to lay the smack down
    Some perks of being in the greatest tri club in the world.
  • I'd be interested to know when it will be next year as I want to celebrate turning 35 by taking part !
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