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Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me out.

I was knocked off my bike by a hit and run driver and this has left me with a shattered radius and ulna. I have had surgery and a great deal of metal put in my arm.

My arm will be in a cast for 2 months and I wont be able to put any decent weight on it for 3 months. How do I stay in shape seeing as I can't swim, ride or run?

And also any ideas on strengthening the bone once I get my cast off?


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    As I have no idea what bones they are I am simply assuming that they are in the arm.

    Do you have a turbo trainer? You can defo use the turbo to keep you going. Even better if you have tri bars to give you something to lean on. There was a pic in a 220 mag at the start of the year with Chrissie Wellington in full arm cast with a pillow over the bars and her smashing it up......

    Can you do legs weights? Lunges? etc.

    Can you be more specific to what range of movements you do have?
  • Yeah they are in the arm.
    I can just about bend my arm at the elbow, but there is no movement of the wrist.

    Right, so strength training in the legs, and yeah I will definitely try the turbo trainer idea with the support. Maybe just keep it in the sling?

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Put a pillow across the bars for support and rest easy on that.

    The good thing is that you're getting to time of the year where you should be pegging back the high intensity work and working at long sessions. Get a dvd on get the turbo in front of the telly and go for good sessions on the turbo.

    So you can still do things like sit-ups and some core work, you can do lunges? defo go for them. Can't you do easy jogs? Little easy jogs after a good effort on the turbo?
  • FFS - make sure you do physic daily - loads of you'll lose huge amounts of movement.

    Don't think I'm taking the Mick - I mean it. Bones heal but lose movement and your buggered.

    Best of luck - oh - you can run with a cast surely ?
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