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Turbo trainer tyres

Winter is looming and as part of this years winter training plan we've treated ourselves to a turbo trainer. Lots of issues to work out regarding which bike(s) go on the trainer and which stay ready for the road/trail. However it pans out We are going to need at least one, possibly two tyres for the trainer. A 700c will be needed for at least one road bike and I probably will want a 26" tyre for one of the MTBs.

Any recommendations, things to look for, things to avoid?


  • I previously had my tacx turbo setup for my mtb with a turbo tire (pretty much mandatory with an mtb plus I bought a cheap wheel from halfords)

    Then when I started tri I attempted to put the road bike on and realised I had to take apart the turbo to swap adaptors because the wheel size was different. The MTB has never been back on because its too much hassle to swap over.

    Re road tyres for the turbo, I'm just using this years road tyre and will buy a new one in the spring.
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    I destroyed my road tyre in probably 10 - 15 hours of turboing......it was badly worn and frankly dangerous looking afterwards.
    I bought the cheapest wheel I could find and fitted it with a 105 cassette and a TACX trainer tyre....works great, but switching wheel is annoying......especially now with the weather being so variable.

    It was a little expensive though, wheel + cassette + tube + tyre.....ugh. But problem solved.
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