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Weight training for Tri


I was wondering if anyone in this forum knows of any good free articles or websites that give sample weight training plans for triathlon? I can't find anything on 220 that refers to weight training. I got a plan done up by a guy in my gym about 2 months ago and he had me doing some weight training that focused on maintaining a solid core and doing higher reps with lower weights to avoid bulking up. The thing is... I found it great. I managed to fit in the workouts around cardio work and want to keep the training up but need some new excercise ideas to keep things fresh - ideally changing the wieghts plan every 6 weeks.

I am aware of the following two book which might help too so if you have any views/review on these or can think of better books it would be good:
1. The Triathletes Training Bible (2nd Edition) by Joe Friel
2. Strength Training for Triathletes by Patrick Hagerman

My main motivation I guess for doing these sessions is to maintain the bit of muscle I have rather than looking like one of the skinny Brownlees (nothing against them - wish I was that fast - but just want a bit of muscle too!). I also kinda want to maintain some sort of V shape.

If anyone can help it would be great!



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    The weights section in the Training Bible is spot on. I've followed it myself (2nd edition) and it works (faster on bike, far fewer running injuries/niggles and faster, and stronger in swim). The plan & workouts are technically sound - I now work in a gym part time.

    Because it is periodised it fits in with the periodisation of the run, bike swim elements. Also it doesn't go overboard or complicate things - just the right amount.

    Haven't read Hagermans book so can't comment.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Ooops forgot

    I've yet to find (over the last 5 years) a magazine article in a triathlon magazine that does weight training justice or could even be used except as general fitness workouts. Many are packed full of the most basic errors and don't even cover periodisation.

    Editors seem to treat them as space fillers rather than as something that can inform their readers
  • Harry D

    Thanks a million for replying. I have bought those books now and will continue to read through them. The Hagermann book is quite good also I think from first glance.... lots of pics and ideas for different types of excercises to mix up the weight training.

  • Hi,

    Thought as a personal trainer I could shed some light on weights for Tri.... Classic error that gets made is to forget we have a requirement to stimulate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres to to move quickly for longer periods of time. Often endurance trainers only stumulate slow twitch on both the cardio and the weights - Leading to injury when intervals are added.

    If we consider intervals as trg for fast twitch and steady base miles as trg for slow twitch we are able to achieve the ability to move faster for longer.

    So what to do with weights, when base training is the agenda (slow twitch) weights should be heavy with short sets (fast twitch) and long recoveries. As we enter the build phase and start hard intervals (fast twitch) weights should be reduced and performed over longer sets with shorter recoveries (slow twitch).

    Hope that makes sense.

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