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Sci MX Products

Hey guys,

Do any of you use Sci MX supplements??

Take a look at their site, they have loads of top quality supplements at reasonable prices.... I use some of their products and I can highly recommend them.


Products I currently use:

Diet Shake - I use this as a meal replacement protein shake used for both recovery and weight management. Excellent in helping you loose weight and gaining lean muscle.

Glutamine - Prevents post workout muscle breakdown after intense exercise, I take 5g four times a day and I find it fantastic for recovery and helping with the old 'DOMS' effect!

Elite Series Whey Protein - Awesome for supplying the body with quality protein after hard exercise!

HMB - Excellent for help with losing fat/building muscle for strength! Taken together with the Glutamine it accelerates your recovery time

If anyone would like to try their products or currently use them and want a £10 off first order discount card PM me and ill send you one out! I have loads of discount cards but it is limited to one per person unfortunately.....unless you want to use the WAT's name too then youll get to use £10 off twice (2cards).

They do a multi buy option - buy 3 items and get 20% off, 4 items and get 25% AND you can use the £10 voucher on top of that too so your first order will be cheap as chips:)

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