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Swim times

Hi , I'm new on this forum so hello every one!

Question re swim times:

I competed in a triathlon yesterday and for the first time wore a trisuit purchased this year. It is a well fitting suit with a pocket on the rear temporily sewn up. It was a 500yd swim in the pool (20 length) and I was disappointed with time. which was almost exactly 1 minute slower that i expected. I did 8.53. Last year and the year before I did 7.46 and 7.52 respectively. I asked the timer to check this was right and she assured me it was. Previous years I have worn just tri shorts and shaved body hair, I have lots on arms legs etc. This year I just wore the trsuit and didn't shave.

Does anyone know whether a trisuit and bodyhair could slow me down by that much? I thought I might be quicker with the trisuit on. Just wondering what anyone elses experience is. I am also fitter in everything else this year. Could it be a mistake by the timer?


  • Sounds like a mis-count or something? Was this the Newent tri? Hearing lots of reports about incorrect counting.
  • God dammit - I knew it. The lack of carbon is making me swin slower. There was me thinking that it was because I have the water-based skills of a lump of concrete...

  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174

    I doubt it would knock 1 minute of yours times.......

    Bad time keeping would be my guess.


    Oh, and carbon definately helps - you need those Blue Seventy carbon ones.
  • Was your tri-suit a BCTTT tri-suit? BCTTT tri-suits are the spangliest ones money can buy, which automatically makes them quicker. There's even an area in the pattern that looks a bit like carbon fibre.

    Wearing some other crappy suit could easily lose you 3s per length.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I would suggest that they have stretched the pool since last year! mainly because you were not shaven!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Looking at your times,could have been that you swam two extra lengths.

    Easily remedied by learning to count,or providing video evidence that you swam more.But hey we live and learn,don't fret.
  • Otters are fairly hairy and they seem to swim pretty quickly. Also were the swim times done from a different place (e.g. exiting the pool or exiting the pool building)?
  • Looking at your times,could have been that you swam two extra lengths
    Easily done in the heat of battle. I've done it myself in a 400m swim - although it wasn't exactly my fault: the lane marshals (two young girls who were too busy chatting) hadn't realised that I'd lapped the other guys in the lane so made me do an extra 2 lengths as I was trying to get out.

    I had a word with the race organiser immediately afterwards and they kindly knocked 45s off my swim time.
  • Silly question

    but have they included T1 in the swim time?
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