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Turbo Training

So i've got a turbo trainer....

Can anyone explain what i need to do now.

I've got my first OD in September and 70.3 in May next year so want to concentrate on the short term on the OD and then in the winter on the HIM.

So far i can gather that i need a bike, turbo and a fan...

Work on a DVD - spinervals? Which one/s?

Do i need a computer that works on the back wheel....

Or do i just use a HR monitor and follow a training plan?

At the moment - all i can really gather is that i sit on the turbo and peddle like crazy - there must be more to it that that!!!




  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    You can use HR or go on feel... just like out on the road.

    Which turbo did you get?

    Here are some sessions I do this time of year to get you started

    1 in 7 set:

    20 mins warm up
    1 min hard 1 min easy spin
    2 min hard 2 min easy spin
    3 min hard 3 min easy spin
    4 min hard 3 min easy spin
    5 min hard 3 min easy spin
    6 min hard 3 min easy spin
    7 min hard 3 min easy spin
    20 mins cool down

    Hard means that you should be hanging on by the end of each 'effort' I always try and hold above 380W on the Tacx flow or over 50kph on each 'effort'

    Sprint set:

    20 mins warm up
    15s max 15s easy x 3
    1 min easy spin
    15s max 15s easy x 5
    1 min easy spin
    15s max 15s easy x 7
    1 min easy spin
    15s max 15s easy x 9
    1 min easy spin
    15s max 15s easy x 11
    1 min easy spin
    15s max 15s easy x 13
    20 mins cool down

    Good set to help your body clear Lactic Acid:) beware! this set seems easy to start with if you do it right....by the 11 and 13 reps your legs should screaming and only just recovering between reps

    Try them see how you go:)

    Train well
    By the way I do HIM regularly and these sessions work for me
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    @hussler: Coming back to the inaccurate power output readings on the Flow.. Do you recalibrate before every session? I do - as I find that it will vary - depending on tyre pressure and whatever environmental conditions are in effect (I use my road bike, so it is in and out of the flow all the time). I've never yet seen the same value (various between +6 and 11).

    I tend to map what I do in running to the bike - i.e. a mix of interval and threshold sessions. I either use heart rate (although I'm still not sure that I have the cycling zones quite sorted yet - time will tell) and power. I use heart rate when I would use heart rate when running, and power when I would use pace in running.

    The heart rate sessions are when I am trying to not go too hard (i.e. threshold training), and the power when I am! (Intervals etc).

    TommiTri posted about a nice session that he did with running - a Kenyan mile or something he called it. Divide the distance/time up into equal sections. Do the first at just below threshold pace, the second above, the third at race pace, and the fourth above. Then back to the beginning and start again. [Going to try that one out very shortly - still taking things easy at the moment as not trying to overdo the injury]
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Cheers again Hussler,

    That's just what i'm after.

    I got a Gist Magnetic -nicely set up for winter!!

    Think i'll go with feel as not to hot at HR at the moment.

    If i was doing HR - would hard be say 70-80% MHR. MAX 80-90%. Easy 60-70%
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Id prob say hard waould up to 85% max anything above that....

    Yes I calibrate the flow everytime as you say it changes alot of the time.....

    sometimes I find that 400W is very hard and sometimes its comfortable.... Using the speed on there which is quite accurate is a good way of telling if the power is up on normal or down:)

    All the other Tacx turbos are quite accurate with the Cosmos being on par with a powertap give or take 5W. I believe the new wireless Turbo that they have produced is as accurate too, which is the one ill be upgrading too over winter this year
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Try this :

    I would suggest you put a video of the latest tri you've recorded off Channel 4 or 5 overnight or a mountain stage of the tour de france .

    Also have a towel draped over your bike & a fan if possible .


    10 TO 15 MIN WARM UP
    15 SEC 45 SEC
    30 SEC 30 SEC
    45 SEC 15 SEC
    60 SEC 60 SEC
    60 SEC 60 SEC
    45 SEC 15 SEC
    30 SEC 30 SEC
    15 SEC 45 SEC
    52 X 13
    USE 52 X 20 FOR EASY SET
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I was chatting to the Butcher this morning, as you do, and he recommended http://www.turbotraining.co.uk. You can look for plans, do challenges. And it has a nice little "plan player", so if you plonk your PC in front of your Turbo, it will tell you what to do. Looks quite good (and free ). Well worth investigating!

    Yes, it is a very good butchers (Q Guild as well).
  • thebouythebouy Posts: 61
    Jack, the turbo training site that you mentioned is great, saves you having to time yourself etc, so you can just concentrate on the spinning itself. Thanks
  • Spinervals 'Aero Base Builder 1, 2 and 3' are very good. Each one takes you through a 1 - 1 1/2 hr turbo session, low intensity, endurance builder. Mostly zone 2 stuff with plenty of variety in terms of cadence and hand position.

    I found these videos invaluable during my first 'proper' winter of training. felt like i go fit really fast!


    ''you can race fast on base alone'

    - Joe Friel (Going Long)

    Gonna do my first uk HIM next year and these three dvds will be regular monday night sessions!
  • thebouythebouy Posts: 61
    Sorry to hijack this thread a bit, but have been given the loan of a turbo trainer, please could somebody explain how you would measure your distance or power output. The turbo doesn't have any sort of computer.
    Thanks again!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Both myself and Hussler, have the next step up from a turbo - strictly speaking it is an ergometer - a turbo with some telemetry - cadence, speed, and more importantly power. The model we currently have is the Tacx Flow. The only issue is that, when compared with more expensive devices, the power rating is a bit out in absolute terms. However, it is still useful when comparing different sessions on the machine. I paid about £250 for mine at the beginning of the year.

    I'm not sure how you can measure power on another device - as it is a function of resistance and speed.

    The Flow is quite a nice device though - also does heart rate with a polar compatible strap. it doesn't have a memory, and you can't program workouts (power settings have to be changed manually). But the next step up - fully programmable with VR - costs a lot more.

    Hussler will be binning his at Christmas (unless he has to save everything up for the wedding ) and getting something fancier. So, he will probably be looking to sell his Flow. Of course, if he signs it, then it will be worth a lot more than a new one!
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    blimey i just put all my mp3 tunes on random and cycle to that - slow beat high res low cadence, metallica is quite god as the pace varies on the track! or try some longer chemical brothers or something! oh and of course rocky!
  • I wouldnt bother with the Tacx Flow TBH, used one for a while and its not a patch on a hub power meter. I run a Powertap power meter and find that its readings are much more consistant. Turbo trainers with powermeters are a bit of a gimic really if you are gonna go down the training with power route (and I think its a very good route) get a "proper" power meter and just get the Tacx Swing turbo instead. You can run the Powertap on the turbo aswell but you'll get more accurate readings and (to a certain extent) translate those to the road.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Yeah. But a powertap is £650. Then you need a wheel to go round it. Then a turbo on top of that.

    It's a bit of a step up from a £250 Flow.

    Would I like a powertap? You bet. But it's not the sort of purchase I could justify to the missus. Or smuggle past her (not that I would, of course). Imagine the conversation: "Hey, instead of going on holiday this year, why don't I get a power tap". "Yes, that's a really really good idea" she is bound to say.
  • Well if you must go shopping in expensive trishops you'll be skint in no time, however if you seek out the bargains........got my powertap for £400 in a sale, and my turbo for £70 on Ebay. Yeah maybe £220 more than a Flow but the data I get is more accurate and more relevant (ie, ROAD data with hills and headwinds etc...)
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Good Point

    I suspect that the price will start to come down, as the market increases, competition emerges, and new, fancier product lines are added.

    I'll have to keep my eyes open for a bargain. It certainly is a bit of kit that I fancy more and more.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    It doesn't really matter what power readings you get from whatever kit you use as long as you use the same kit week in week out.... so then you can still compare previous workouts and note any differences be that improvements or not.

    I wouldn't race with a powertap/powermeter as If I was cycling along putting in loads of effort and I noticed that I wasn't pushing out the power I was capable of it would annoy me which would lead me to do one of the following:

    1) Push too hard - go anaerobic and hit the wall hence ruining your race
    2) Say Sod it and resign myself to having a crap bike leg - something im not used to doing! grrr! hence ruining your race

    I use the Tacx flow power readings and monitor these over the weeks and months of use but dont ever relate these figures when out on the road.... especially when racing.... in fact when Im racing I dont use any gadgets... only my stopwatch and only use the garmin forerunner to measure distance....so I know when to go anaerobic!! Its all done on Feel.... seems to work for me as im usually in the top 10% of races.

    And as jack says I will probably be selling my turbo around christmas time as I plan to get the new Tacx Bushido ergo trainer with a more accurate power meter - on par with the powertap..
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