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Cost of entering triathlon Vs. Volunteers

Reading some of the threads I just realized that in most of the events there are quite a few people that volunteer to assist the organizers.
First and foremost - respect to you all who have done this and will be volunteering over the weekend in London.

I was just wondering what my 70£ odd pounds of registration for London and usually around £50 for other lower key events are used for?
Take London: 13,000 triathletes x 70£ = £910,000. So revenues from the event are around £1M.

Of course there are various costs involved but isn't £1M sufficient to operate this triathlon, without the need of volunteers and still make a nice profit for the organisers?

Without volunteers would the registration be significantly higher?

Thanks again to tomorrows volunteers


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    clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    How many volunteers would an event like that need? 300? At £100 a head that's a £30,000 bill. Divide that by 13,000 entrants and we're talking about £2.30 a head. So no, it looks like volunteers could be paid out of the entry fee.

    A much smaller event with only 300 entrants but still needing perhaps 50 volunteers is another matter though. Then at £100 a head you're looking at ~£16.70 per head.

    I'd conclude volunteers are essential for club events but large commercially organised events can afford to pay.
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    huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I dont know if its the same for sporting events but I think that road closures need to be negotitated with the local authority (I can't imagine this being cheap in london!) along with things like security, police presence, medical etc.

    Not saying there isnt a profit in there somewhere but for a large event there is a lot of organisation behind the scenes.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    the revenue that is qouted just short of £1 mill,is only from triathletes,don't forget the revenue from,sponsers.tv,media,franchise sellers,stalls in the expo etc,not sure if the Human race accounts are available from company house to get the true income.
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