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Which bike?

Another newbie question about bikes - sorry.

So I find that for one reason or another I have a bit of money to buy my first road bike (upgrading from Harry the hybrid who will remain the commuting, doodling round cycle tracks steed).

I've had a look round local shops - the local Trek stockist didn't have a single road bike in so I couldn't try anything there. The local Felt dealer was helpful but only had one bike, in my price range, in completely the wrong size (and it was a nasty lilac colour.... ). Last but not least my favourite LBS is a Giant stockist mainly and I tried several there, he's offered me a 2008 Raleigh Airlite Carbon for £800 (normal retail £1000). I've ridden the bike and it seems good to me (best of the ones I tried) but I wondered if anyone had any experience of these. Specs are here: http://www.nationalcycles.co.uk/raleigh ... -2008.html

It's got Campagnola gears etc.

It's a bit more than I was really looking to pay but I could stretch to it (as well as buying pedals and shoes and changing the tyres).

Thanks in advance, VAM

Oh and it's red


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Have a look on www.bikeradar.com for whatever is in your budget. You might be able to find a comparison with the one you are looking at.

    On the BCTTT website (and posted on here) is a brief guide of what to get in price ranges.

    I have to confess that I was going round in circles trying to decide. So I just went to my LBS - which I trust, chatted to them - gave the guy my requirements and budget, and just let them come up with something. They came back with something below budget, too. I'm pretty satisfied for now (it's really a "training" bike, that I will upgrade if it turns out that I have a future in competitive cycling ).
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