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OW swimming near Oxford

Hi Guys,

I've got to head down to Oxford next week for work and would like to get some OW swimming in if possible is there anywhere that way (or even on route from Durham to there) where I can go on my own, you know safety boats and what not?

I don't really want to take a bike but I'd like to do something rather than just stare at a computer screen for the whole of a 24 hour shift.........


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    Oxford Tri Club run open water swim sessions in a village near Oxford. I think they are supposed to be members only but defo worth getting in contact with someone there to see if you can tag along. The link above says they run Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

    Other than that until a couple of weeks ago I lived in a little town called Witney just west of Oxford. There is a little lake there that people are allowed to swim in but there is no supervision and the banks are pretty wooded so not much visibility. I always made sure I took someone along to save me if I started drowning but probably not an option for you.

    Thats about it i'm afraid (so far as I know).

    As for the bike there are some lovely routs around... OUCC (www.oucycling.co.uk) used to have a few good ones mapped out but personally I prefer either heading south towards the ridgeway or WNW into the cotswolds.
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    Try the Blueseventy lakes near Reading, if you go to my sporting times all the info is there.

    Really helpful and sorted my swimming out.
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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246

    Is Blue Seventy worth a detour on my way back up here on Saturday morning?

    I'm guessing it will be a better experience than swimming in the little quarry pond I'm in at the moment

    I do need some practise anyway
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