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chest pain

Hi everyone,

Anyone experience chest pain after exercise before??
I'm 29, pretty fit....currently training for a marathon.
I had a heavy week, 15km on Sunday with hill repeats, 2hr bike ride on Monday, 29km long run on Tuesday and then an 11km tempo run yesterday with pulse over 160bpm most of the time, but never over 170.
When I got home from the run I suddelny got a piercing pain in my chest which lasted until Ifell asleep.
the pain was between the nipple and sternum. This morning I was fine again. It's never happened before.

I looked online, I could only find that one should be concerned if it happens during sport, and if it also causes pain in other body parts (neck, arm etc..).
Anyone got any idea what it could be??



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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    I Have mate, mine i got even when i was on a day off....i'm 39 so it bothered me a lot...i went to the doctors....of course i just took their advice when they said it was muscular (although it felt INSIDE my chest) they said to check my heart rate and note how i felt (like any nausea etc)...so whenever i had it i would put on my monitor and my heart rate was always at normal resting rate......so all i can say is they must have been right....my heart rate would raise to perfectly normal levels and slow to normal levels when resting so i guess they were right....i dont get them any more and i'm training harder now (oh..i was doing some weights at that time which i'm not really doing now)
    like i said mate i'm no doc...so if you're really worried dont use a forum...go and see the pro's.....but i think if you feel ok and your heart rate is normal....its prob muscular
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    okennyokenny Posts: 231
    Thanks Andy!
    If it happens again I will go to the Doc.
    My pulse was normal, I have a resting HR of about 45 - and it was back down to about that this morning. Yesterday it was about 60, but I had been exercising and it stays elevated for a while anyway.
    I also know that my blood pressure is perfect.

    I'm gonna take today and tomorrow off, I'll get back to my long run on Sunday!
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Definately go to the docs, don't take any chances with chest pain.

    I got some chest pain, again the doc thought it was muscular, but they made me have an ECG just to check my heart - which was OK thankfully.
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