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Racebelts . . . and HIM

Doing a HIM race at the end of the month, and stepping up from Sprinst / OD for the first time. Previously, I've always used a racebelt for my number, but the flapping of the number drives me mad.

As I'm treating the HIM as a learning experience, I was planning on pinning my number to my cycle tops, as I was going to do a full change of kit at T1, and then another pinned to my running top, as I'm changing all kit at T2 as well.

What's the norm for this distance?


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    I'm planning on using a racebelt..

    I'm not too sure how many numbers you will actaully get.. in the last few races, I've only got 1, therefore you will have to unpin fom one top onto another..

    if you get the number beforehand, perhaps you could laminate it or something?
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    clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    I'm doing a HIM in a couple of weeks... for the sake of a minute in T1 I'm thinking to change tops and pin a number on the back of cycle top and front of running top - assuming they provide two numbers. Otherwise it's the flappy belt.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    You should get issued with 2 numbers,one for bike and one for run.To prevent the flapping about,pin the numbers back to back to each other,with a safety pin in each corner,then put the belt between the two numbers.Do not use the toggles on the belt.The extra stiffness from the 2 numbers combined with the belt passing between them will stop the flapping.Simples.
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    jmurt71jmurt71 Posts: 46
    Check out the 220 issue a few months back where they did wind tunnel trials with number pinned on the back or on the belt - like it or not, the flappy number on the race belt is much more aerodynamic. If you pin to the back of your top you've got yourself a mini parachute - only 30s to a 1min difference for OD distance but I think that makes any flaps worth the hassle! I usually race with the number low down around my back for the swim and cycle and have never noticed much flapping around - if you keep your belt too high up generally a safety pin or two will come loose during the swim.
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