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Carbon Tri bike on a Turbo?

morning all,

I have a Felt B12 and i have read many conflicting opinions about using a Carbon bike on a Turbo trainer.

So what to do? I live in Dubai and with the summer well and truely here it gets difficult cycling in over 40degrees. Turbo would be ideal but worried that i would damage my bike.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I see no problem with using the carbon bike on the turbo, I doubt the forces its subjected to on the turbo even compare to those it experiences on the road. And I was also told that cervelo did lots of testing on their frames on turbos and after 1000s of hours of turbo use there appeared to be no damage to the frame at all.
    The other point is, I use my turbo for race specific training, I think for time-trialling/triathlon it is the best bit of kit you can get. It is race to be able to sustain high intensities on the road due to hills/traffic lights etc. But it has been shown conclusively that the more training you do in your race position the better, therefore I believe all training on the turbo should be done on the race set-up, i.e. your race bike!

    The one point is though, that although I don't think the forces will damage the frame your sweat certainly will! I wouldn't bother with one of those 'bike thongs' as they don't cover the right areas, i.e the chainset. So if you have Dura-ace type stuff on your bike make sure you give it a good wipe down and a lube after each use on the turbo, and use in a well ventilated room so that the bike can air and won't say all wet!
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Just read handbook for my new Cannondale slice and it references use on the turbo. It says tighten up fixing points to ensure there is no movement which will wear parts, especially any abrasion of the carbon. It also talks about the sweat issue and suggests wherever possible use an old bike that can get sweaty and 'orrible.

    One other point I've been told is to go easy riding out the saddle when on the turbo as this will put significant force through the pivot points which the bike is not designed for - seems to make sense.
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