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Turbo Trainer

Hi I'm planning on investing in a turbo trainer to aid me through training on bad weather evenings during the winter, can anyone offer any advice as to what features I should look for etc. or possibly advise me on a model. I'm looking to spend no more that 200 pounds but could stretch to 250 if it was beneficial



  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    well you've got a few factors to consider, but for a start I don't think you need to spend 200. The best range of turbos I think are in 150-180 kind of range. For this money you will get a very very good trainer that will do a good job of replicating road conditions.

    You want fluid as it will provide the best kind of progressive resistance, you want quiet (which you will only really get with fluid) also you may want to look at the ones that have rubbery covers on the roller bit, as this will also improve noise reduction. And trust me when I say that you want to go for a quiet one, even if you live alone and there isn't anyone around to hear it when you are really going for it it will make noise!!!!

    My recommendations are

    Tacx Satori
    Cycleops fluid 2
    elite fluid

    The Tacx is great for the money and super quiet, the cycleops has great resistance and sturdy build, the elite is more expensive but is very very quiet, and if you pay a bit more I think you can get one with a rough power output reading.
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