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Carrying extra drinks bottles on long rides

So after my big brick yesterday it’s apparent that I will need to carry more liquid with me on long rides, I currently carry 2 bottle in cages on the frame and I’m thinking of adding a double bottle holder to the seat ..

Can anyone recommend one or any views/thoughts on this?



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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    General feedback seems to be to forget the behind the seat holders, nothing but trouble. Have you considered a Camelbak. Not used one for Tri's, but always take one out MTB'ing. Asked a question about them e few weeks back and general feedback was that they are used, especially on IM/HIM distance races.

    Here's the link post53162.html?hilit=camelbak#p53162
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    huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    A camelback is a good idea but I normally just stick some money in one of my back pockets and drop into a shop on route
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I have no real problem with my behind the seat twin bottle holders.I use a profile one on my road bike and an X-lab for my TT.
    You could get bigger bottles,carry some sport tabs,and if you need water,most church yards and cemetaries have water to replenish.
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    For really long rides esp when practicing nutrition stuff I load my bike down with 2 bottles on the frame an aero bottle and 2 cages behind the seat.

    Behind seat cages can be a hastle but I don't like the idea of a cammelback (although I have one) so I still use them. The main problems are when the bottles are full... firstly they have a tendancy to catapault out of the cages. I've lost a few bottles this way and even almost had an accident on the IMUK bike course when the person in front lost their bottle and it bounced up into my wheel! Secondly on my setup the whole assembly has a tendancy to work loose so unless I'm careful and I remember I end up haveing to stop to tighten everything up again.

    Both of these problems are made worse by full bottles so while I always drink from the bottle on the down tube I swap empty bottles to the back as soon as I finish them. Also my cages are aluminium so bending them into shape to make sure they are a tight fit also helps loads.

    I have the cheapest combination of behind saddle mount and cages I could from wiggle, and since I figured out the two tips above I havent had any problems.
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