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Heel pain...

Started to experience heel pain (back & bottom of heel)...this has only come on after moving to bike with SPD pedals/shoes....
Not serious yet but can see it may get out of control if not looked at now...anyone got any specific muscle stretches/exercises to help...thinking probably calf related?...
all comments welcome...


  • chischis Posts: 94
    The description you give sounds like plantar fasciitis - where the long thick tendon which stretches from the toes to the bottom of the heel bone becomes stratched and inflamed or still worse has small tears in it at the insertion point at the base of the heel and just up and around the back of the heel leading towards the achilles.

    In my limited and lay person's experience it seems unusual that it has been caused by changing to spd's - this sort of thing is usually a runners problem. However, it is possible I suppose that the tendon has become stretched by a new pedalling regime. A key to whether it is plantar fasciitis is if you experience the worst pain first thing in the morning when you put your foot to the ground. The pain may then ease off as you go through the day but long periods of satnding may result in further pain.

    For what it is worth you can get more information by searching for info about the problem on the net but I would get an opinion from either a physio or a podiatrist if it is getting serious. The problem can be a real beast to get rid of once it is allowed to get bad so best to get it sorted as early as possible before you face a long lay-off.

    Various self help remedies include

    * ice the area regularly when sitting
    * gently exercising the plantar fascia by sitting and rolling a tennis ball back and forward with your foot
    * using orthotics in your running/walking shoes to lift the arch which allieviates pressure on the insertion at the heel - 'off the peg' soft or hard ones are available.

    Sometimes GP's will offer injections but these seem to have varied results. Before trying any of the above remedies (and running the risk of making it worse!) I would seek an opinion from a physio or podiatrist if it starts getting you down.
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    chis, thanks great info....i have increased my running off the bike so could be related...researched and common for this to start in the left foot first (which i have)....i'll be heading to a podiatrist asap....
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