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South Coast triathlon

So....anyone here do it? Who drowned/got swept away? And if you were one of the lovely people who cheered in the very last man - thank you! That was my heroic husband.

A nice race for me - but I was seasick well before the klaxon went....

Will cobble together a report in a bit.



  • Here's the report:

    A disappointing morning after having been promised good weather. In fact it was chilly and grey and windy and the sea was all bouncy. Hmmm.

    First impressions – a huge number of competitors over last year, I’m guessing because the Brighton triathlon has been cancelled this year so this one (just down the road from Brighton) probably became many people’s A race, as it’s very similar.

    The swim was cut by half as the sea was menacing. It looked OK from the shore, but once you were in it – crikey. Now, I’m a seasoned sea-swimmer, it’s my favourite type of swimming but the swell just bunched us up really close together, so if you started in the middle of the bunch you had no hope of finding clear water. In retrospect I should have trusted in my experience and got myself out at the front, but hey. I muddled through along with everyone else and it was quite exciting. Short too….

    For me the rest of the race was just great. I had a terrific bike leg, hauling in many who’d stormed ahead of me on the swim and really enjoyed it. I made a mistake in T2 – didn’t identify my kit straight away and so overshot my stuff and got confused (but – better than doing an extra lap of the bike…….anyone watch the Hyde Park event??) but got out onto the run OK.

    For the first time in my short tri career I had a really nice run. Not particularly quick, but I really enjoyed it and picked up the pace and felt able to keep pushing the limits towards the end, and managed a sprint finish – yay!

    Third in my age-group again, not too shabby for a 44 yr old newbie. Splits to follow.

    DH had a stomach bug but insisted on completing what was his first every tri. My hero.

  • DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    Hi Blurredgirl,

    I raced the OD event on Saturday. a bit dissapointed they shortened the swim, but can appreciate the safety concerns the organisers must have had.
    Enjoyed the event and thought the atmosphere was really good. The only negative was the bike course, 24 dead turns!!!

    Anyway, yep, myself, Saltbar and another friend stayed to cheer on the last man in (your heroic husband). What a great effort. I have massive respect for those who take a while to get round some parts of the course. Pure determination.

  • Hey David - well done for finishing the OD!

    Thank you so much for supporting my husband, it meant a lot to him to get such a massive cheer! Not only was he suffering with a stomach virus - but is also still recovering from bilateral pulmonary embolism and so does not have much in the tank to start with. I'm very impressed and proud that he wanted to finish and didn't DNF. Unfortunatley he was pretty sick afterwards, but is still glad he did it, and looking forward to the next one!

  • We cheered him in too, its not over till the last man's in well done to both of you and a massive well done to your husband, I did the event feeling well and to my it was a tough,

    My race report if anyone is interested ,This was my second event , first being the sprint at arundel may 31st, (1.30).
    Arrived with wife and 2 children at the car park too early according to the them, kept going through my routine of , bike shoes here, trainers here , how many laps is it ? , bike here, is this tris suit to tight, how many laps is it ? have i got any gels, is 2 pairs of goggles enough? are you sure its 6 laps?

    Stuff in T1 , went up to watch the ladies start , Oh my God the waves are braking on the shore and its lumpy great, first open water swim, have always lived down the coast at worthing so messed around in the sea since I was a kid, but now I have to swim out round a course with 211 over people!!

    kissed the family walked and waited in the water being hit by the waves, felt very small in a sea of yellow hats. Tried to make a joke by nervously shouting out to the front "asking OK who had that Wee?" then we were off I touched the toes of the man in front but he didn't move out of the way at the turn .

    swam swam swam , looked up half way to the first bouy , started having doubts don't think I can do this another mouth full of water, another bump from someone and I was there, just the long leg down to teh other marker to go. Once I had rounded that I felt like I could do it ,but was starting to doubt the rest of the afternoon or anything relating to bikes and running.

    Out of the water and just the half marthon up the pebbles down to T1 On my bike and out , can hear the family screaming for daddy , put my head down and not alot came out, 2nd lap in and the fire started I was ready to start my best bit which was the ride, loved it think I drunk at the right time, love my bike a little too I think, last lap learnt from reading mags/websites peoples reports , dropped my gear span my legs faster and drunk more water. Now the run the bit I hate , hard hard hrad but I beat my best time by 6 whole minutes , crossed the finish line 1.28.10 faster than my pool swim sprint earlier in the year.

    really loved it couldn't of done it without the support can't wait till hever castle
  • LexLex Posts: 65
    What happened to the sunshine?!! I thought my biggest problem at this one would be the sun!!!

    Despite the menacing look of the waves I did find that the swim was not so bad once in the water though the turns were very tight and it all got very congested. Not sure why the swim exit was nowhere near the matting on the beach either??!!

    Without doubt the most boring bike course in triathlon but at least the run was flat.

    If I sound negative its because I had a shocker!!!
  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    i did the sprint distance! it was my first ever tri and i really enjoyed it (looking back on it anyway!)

    the swim was really tough, even though it was cut in half to 375. it was my first open water swim, wasnt quite ready for it in the sea! mouth fulls of water, not knoing where your going! anyway settled down after the first turn and thought more about my stroke and felt better, but wasnt so sure at that time about the bike or run!

    up the stoney beach/cliff face and into t1, found my bike and got my shoes on and of i went! really liked the bike run, should have gone faster but didnt want to die on my worst leg, the dreaded run!

    run was ok, was shattered!, finnishing was great really chuffed!, learnt loads and really want to get booked in for another one berfore the end of the year, any recomendations

    my time was 1.14.00

    swim 8.00
    bike 40
    run 25

    really good day and cant wait for my next one.
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  • forgot to put a snap in ..
  • LexLex Posts: 65

    Sorry if it was a bit random coming up behind you in the run!!

    Quality swim time considering the conditions - carnage but quite fun in the end!

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    "I touched the toes of the man in front but he didn't move out of the way at the turn ."

    In an open water swim people won't ... it is every (wo)man for themselves I am afraid. It works in a pool because there is a clear place to stop and let past and by definition there isn't sufficient room to do anything but, but in something the size of a lake or the sea you are expected to swim around (or over!) the blocker.

    On the other hand, if you are that close to someone's toes you are getting a great draft off them, saving you effort

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Well done everyone! Especially the Blurred Team ((BlurredBoy?). It's made me queasy just thinking about those sea conditions. Crazy and Heroic for a first go!

    Nice write ups, sounds like a great day out. Thank you.
  • Thanks JC!

    Turns out he had swine flu. All better now. We had a really good day despite the fact that Mr. Blurred ended it in bed with a high temperature. I had a fantastic bike leg and a storming run, and Mr. Blurred showed that although being see-through in places he has the mad determination that distinguishes all triathletes.

    Both looking forward to the next one.

  • quick question , the photos look great on the site but there aren't any of the mens sprint start , this having been my first open water in challenging conditions would quite nice to have a picture
    did any family member / friend loyal supporter take any ?

  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    hey there mate, not exactly of that start but you can get the idea


    i do have a couple more similar ones if you want them let us know
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Shame I missed you all there.....but I was sitting down at the end and cheered in your hubby too bluegirl!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the day and the swim was certainly challenging indeed given that I don't do sea (only to look at) - felt blooming sea sick for a while bobbing up and down at the beginning and then completely disorientated when the waves crashed over...still all part of the challenge. Anyway, had an OK race and managed to win my age group 40-44! Roll on the OD next year now...finished my tri's for this year and a one 10k, now looking forward to hearing how some of you get on with your HIMs and IMs...
  • Joolzd:

    Fantastic- well done you! I came third in that age group. Thanks so much for cheering in my DH.

    Twas a very nice race all round.

  • 55ant
    fab thanks its really good to see that again if you had any others would you mind posting them,

    I'm going to send this on to someone now , who thinks sea swimming looks easy

    thanks again
    arundel 1.30
    Seaford 1.28
    Hever Castle who knows
    next The world
  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    hey there mate, i will find the other pics when im back at work, there not much differant though,

    but this gives a good idea to how wavey it was!!!

    its not my video btw

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