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Sea Swim

I have my first half iron distance event this coming weekend and the swim is in the sea. Last weekend I swam (with wetsuit) 2km in an 18C lake without much difficulty but the sea will be colder (~14-15C), salty and whilst expected to be calm is sure to have more waves than the lake I'm used to.

I'm interesting to hear people's experience of sea swimming as opposed to freshwater swimming. What can I expect? Should I approach it any differently? Any advice for sand in T1? Any wetsuit issues with salt water and sand?


  • I do most of my OW swimming in the sea.

    *Keep your head up, i.e. tilt it way more than you would normally to avoid drinking the brine if there's a swell.
    *Go with the swells - if you are heading straight out into it then time your stroke to hit the top of the swell so that you are catching while the swell goes under you (hope this makes sense). If you are sideways to the swell - breathe on the side away from it.
    *The brine will help you to float, so use the bouyancy to your advantage. No need to do a huge amount of leg-kicking.
    *Wetsuit - just give it a good rinse out afterwards. I usually run mine under the shower, turn it inside out and rinse it again and then hang up to dry.

  • DaveDrysDaveDrys Posts: 31
    I think Blurredgirl has covered the important factors concerningt he swim, however, one thing I would advise is having a bottle of water in T1 ready to poor over your feet to clear off any sand / grit etc - makes the bike / run a much more enjoyable event!
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    all covered above really,
    it will be really beneficial if you can breath bilaterally you dont want to be breathing into the waves if you can avoid it..
    good luck, enjoy, let us know how it went!
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