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Training for Full Ironman

Hi there,

I am considering doing my First Full Ironman next year. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long my training should be for this in weeks!?

I have done a handful of Half Ironmans and a lot of Olympics and Sprints, and Half marathons. Should it be about 12weeks solid training or more like 20? At the moment I can swim the 2.4miles comfortably, Cycle about 80miles comfortably, but I have never run more that 15miles, with my Half Marathon PB 1hr29min. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks



  • buy "Be Iron Fit", it is good and gives you a training programme
  • I have bought that book, Don Fink I think the author? I have signed up for my first IM next year at Switzerland and aim to use the intermediate training programme that the book suggests. It would be interesting to hear from any forum members/ experienced IM triathletes if this is a mistake or indeed, recommended? The programme is 30 weeks long. I aim to build strength up until January and then start the training from then..
  • that was my plan. I went for the "competative" programme, but as you can see from my time (15 hour 24 mins) I was not exactly competative, although that was not the fault of the book and rather the fault of my defective body (I did practically no training for the last 7 weeks)

    30 weeks seems a good idea. I reckon I probably by the end had completed the amount specified for the just finish programme and that is what I did. It is well structured and brings you up to speed/fitness gradually which is good.

    In all all, good programme and got me through!
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I'm also training for my first full ironman. I've bought Be Iron Fit and Going Long, I already have The Triathlete's Training Bible. I am in a similar position to you BBam, good bike and swim endurance but fortunately have a couple of marathons under my belt too.

    General consensus seems to suggest anywhere between 20 and 30 weeks structured training - working through prep, base, build, peak and race (including the taper) - this is supported by a friend of mine who has done a few IMs.

    My race is IM Switzerland 2010 so biggest risk is doing too much too soon, my plan is to do some more base training now and get an idea of what my targets should be for the IM then two months transition over Dec/Jan and start 26 week prog. beginning of Feb.

    It doesn't sound like your 12 weeks would be a true 12 weeks, ie you have lots of miles under your belt already so in that sense it sounds doable. Good Luck!
  • bbambbam Posts: 30
    Cheers transit.

    I'm also thinking of IM Switzerland!!

    Iv been talking to a family friend who is a doctor and completed 12Ironmans and he has given me a lot of tips, I'm looking at having a 20week program and building up a strong base over the winter.

    But I think I will get the Iron Fit book.

    Thanks for the tips.

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