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Freehub body replacement?

BmanBman Posts: 442
Has anybody ever replaced their freehub body on a wheel. Im just wondering what the best indicator is? Wobble of the whole cassette? Take it off and check the bushings?

If got a double tick (not a nervous one fortunately) on every turn of the rear wheel, but only with weight on it. No slippage of the chain, and its there even freewheeling. Its annoying as hell!


  • Easy job and not worth going to LBS for IMO. Remove cassette and free hub, clean up with degreaser, rinse away degreaser and re-grease with a quality grease. Put back together and see how it fairs, bet it only needs a clean up.........

    However, if its donald-ducked, order the bairings and replace. The bairings are usually generic so go to your LBS for those........
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Yes Ive replace a couple on my mtb - managed to keep the first one running for a while but eventually it failed. You might just find its a production defect and can be cleaned off with a small bit of filing on the pickup teeth inside the hub body. If youve ever done hub bearings yourself then its just as easy. At worst I'm sure your LBS would be happy to greet you with a box full of bits
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