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Will we be ironmen????

PDPD Posts: 4
A group of us have designed an ironman distance triathlon but we have recieved a bit of slating from our claims that we will have completed an ironman triathlon because there are very few of us doing it and its unofficial.

Can I ask is it protocol for us to claim that we have completed an ironman triathlon even though its an unofficial race amongst friends?

Is there a set amount of triathletes needed and does it have to be an event officially organised?




  • mikescotttmikescottt Posts: 48
    Please go to this site www.140dot6.com

    if you haven't done so already.

    It's designed for people like you lot. I aim to do one of these in the near future as well

  • PDPD Posts: 4
    That is brilliant!! thankyou so much!!
  • mikescotttmikescottt Posts: 48
    can I be cheeky and ask for you to vote for me at http://bfitbday.ning.com/

    I go by the name of Sub6 on there and stand to win a Rudy Project Helmet for a challenge I did for my birthday (swim 4 miles/bike 42 miles/ run 2 miles) ... just need to click on the Sub 6 on the left hand side ... you have to just scroll down a bit


    p.s. the 140dot6 is a great concept. Join up and keep us all informed about your Ironman. On completion you will be Ironman despite what anyone might say!!!!!!!!!

  • PDPD Posts: 4
    Done!!! thanks again for the advice.


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This is an interesting one, the actual ironman started out as an unofficial super distance triathlon (I think?), and I know a group of guys who organise one amongst themselves on a yearly (ish) basis. There are no entry fees and its their mates who do the ad hoc marshalling, timing, feeds, etc, but they see it as training or as an alternative for "real thing". I'm told its something to do with the added element of pinning an official number to your chest and going for it. This said they are not judemental about anything - they just love the buzz of the IM day
  • PDPD Posts: 4
    Im not interested in the hype and buzz of the 'official' event, its the distance I want to cover and know myself that I have achieved it.

    Interestingly my wife thinks im mental, and laughed when I told her I was doing it with two other people. She said "why don't you just do a proper one? no one will believe you that you did it" To be totally honest I would rather do it by myself.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    General concensus is how self conscious you are when you tell someone you have done an Ironman Triathlon and they ask which one.To organise and complete one yourself will take alot more willpower than an official one where the crowds push you along so best of luck.The Ironman name is just a brand and at one stage even the Hawaii Ironman world champs looked like it would lose the name Ironman because it had been sold off to some business or other(sorry boring trivia).Last year some triathlete declared you could not have a M-Dot tattoo unless you had completed the Hawaii WTC,he went home with his tail between his legs and probably an atomic wedgie as well.

    If you do a half ironman m-dot race you can theoretically call yourself an Ironman/woman as you have raced an Ironman trademark event.

    My viewpoint is that if you do the distance you can call yourself an Ironman as the original race didn't have a name.The name I believe originates back to the trophy of an Ironman with a hole in its head.
  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 3
    Up to you guys really - I'm going to do 'roth as my first IM, it won't be a IM branded race but I'll certainly have bragging rights about having 'done an IM'.

    that's it - be as tough as you like.

  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 3
    jon.E wrote:
    The name I believe originates back to the trophy of an Ironman with a hole in its head.

    actually I just think the guy who organised it said "we'll call the bloke that wins it "the Ironman"" - wherever that came from.

    www.wikipedia.com - ironman stuff.
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