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New Bike - comments on the components?

I am having my new bike built and below are the specs - any comments?

Ridley Damocles (XL)
Seatpost Bontrager X-Lite 31.6
Groupset - Shimano 105 OR Sram Rival
H/Bars Race Lite 46cm
Stem - Race Lite 110/120mm
Saddle Bontrager Race
Wheels Shimano RS 10
Tyres Race X Lite Hardcase
Tubes Schwalbe
Tape Bontrager Gel

[attachment=0:1cvh875y]Ridley Damocles - white.jpg[/attachment:1cvh875y]


  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    One question - 105 or Rival, thats going to be a difficult choice. Im hearing good things about rival so far - anyone used it?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Yep - SRAM Rival on my Focus Izalco - no problems at all. I am given to understand that it is equivalent to (if not better than) Ultegra from comments I've read and is the same as the Rival except for the carbon bits. As far as I am aware my rear derailleur has never needed to be adjusted. Have never used 105 so can't comment and therefore open it out to those who have used both but have a look at this:
    http://www.roadbikereview.com/cat/drive ... 97crx.aspx
  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I have 105 on Allez Elite and Rival on my planet x that arrived today. The rival is so much nicer. Love the double tap shifters and feel of the carbon brake levers. I also have the carbon cranks and feel really good too. Given the choice i would get Rival every time. I can't even seen the point in getting a higher groupset as it works so well.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Quite an endorsement - I really want to try an sram setup
  • wayfarerwayfarer Posts: 34
    Bike porn this early in the morning, disgraceful
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    SRAM Groupsets currently on backorder at many places. If you have one....ebay it now!!

    It's like the Ultegra vs Durace but SRAM Red vs Rival
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I've been using Shimano ever since I got a road bike, about seven years ago. In October I got a Boardman Pro CX which has SRAM Rival, and I find the shifting better - crisper, more accurate.
    I don't know how different it would feel on a TT rig, since my TT bike is set up with Ultegra, the whole gruppo having been tranferred across from its original body, a Trek 1500. I would be tempted if ever replacing the gruppo or the whole thing, to move to SRAM.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I've always used Shimano (mainly Ultegra). My new race bike has SRAM Red on it.

    I appreciate that this is an upgrade over Ultegra and really I should be comparing it with Dura Ace but I love it.

    If I had the cash I'd upgrade my training bike to SRAm. Unfortunately I don't. Having said that, I still like the Shimano, it's just not quite a crisp.
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