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Little Woody Roll Call

Righto then, who's in for this saturday, names, bikes so I can say hello when you pass me

Jellybaby - James - White Orbea with clip on tribars, probably eating jellybabies like there's no tomorrow


  • Scotty B - Big fella - White (& dirty) Trek 1.7 - pink hair, you won't be able to miss me....
  • macmmacm Posts: 11
    mac. Black Orbea with Xentis tri bars. Still experimenting with kit so may have a black/orange camelbak on.
  • IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    Me - Darlo - Riding a Specialized Allez Elite - Wearing Non descript Black 2XU tri suit - Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I'm in. Gary. 1.8m, 74kgs. First year of Tri, and first HIM, with no specific training.

    Swimming in a black 2XU C2 wetsuit, with green stripes.

    Riding a Boardman Team Carbon, clip on aeros, skeleton shirt.

    Registering 3pm'ish Friday. Aiming for 6:00 bus Saturday.

    See you all then, and good luck.
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Dan - Blue/black Carrera Bike with Tri Bars .. see pic to the right - trisuit Black and yellow - I will be the slow one with the red face struggling, especially on the run.

    Hoping to be over to register about 4pm, work depending - then take the bike over to the lake and back again before 6 to put the tent up. Ahh the Joys of Triathlon
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    great event - if rather exhausting - I will post up a race report tomorrow.

    Was good to meet you Scott and great result

    Unfortunately didnt meet any of the other 220ers - but would love to here your results / reports. I managed a 6hr 25mins with a difficult run and am very pleased
  • macmmacm Posts: 11
    Hi GGB and other Little Woodys

    I finished in a similar time (6hrs 15mins) so we probably passed each other along the way. I had been warned about the hills but still found them very tough - could have done with at least 1 lower gear on my bike.

    When I got there on the Fri the organisation all seemed to be a bit 'last minute'; however, on the day everything went well and I found the support/helpers/marshalls really cheered me along. The event was very low key and relaxed and as my first middle distance event it was ideal and I would recommend it to anyone in the same position - the hype of an Ironman may have caused me to go off too fast and blow the whole race.

    As a learning exercise it has really proved its worth and I am now looking forward in IMCH next year. The LW was a bit of a reality check as far as hills are concerned so my winter training plan will need a review, but apart from that I think I actually enjoyed the thing!
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  • A little late with posting this reply, but what the heck, My overall time was 6h 16m 13s. Quite chuffed with this as it was my first HIM distance - Apart from the "Mud Wade" at the end of each lap the swim was uneventful and enjoyable, i was able to shake off some pre race nerves in the water and my swim split was 38m 48s. I took my time in T1 in preparation for the bike ride ahead in fact i was there for 3mins. The bike is my weakest leg and this tri was no different, i actually dont mind climbing on the bike but this course was something else. There was no part of it that i could reamin totally comfortable in any one gear for a sustained amount of time. I managed to lose a water bottle within the first 10 miles and the whole course was getting to me come the end (the Big Woody guys have my sympathy and respect for having to complete 2 laps and completing that dog leg 10 miles between the turn for the lake and t2 three times!!). I got off the bike in 3h 56min and spent a further 3mins in t2 banging on my compresseion socks and trainers then off i went. I dont think i'll ever be happier starting a half marathon again, i was just so happy to be off the bike and running - the route was challenging through the forest, but the weather was fine and the feed stations full of flat coke and jelly babies!! I registered 1h 41m 22s for the run a PB over that distance - Despite the pre race nerves and worries about the bike leg - I enjoyed the whole day, well except for after the race which involved a traffic jam ladened journey back to Manchester....
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Great reports guys - I never got round to doing my report - but I thoroughly enjoyed the race - unfortunately not done anything since though due to injury/ illness.

    So who is doing the Big Woody next year ???
  • I'm planning on being back next year. Can't decide between trying to better my Little Woody time, or have a go at the Big Woody. The thought of English Bricknor three times runs shivers up my spine though.
  • I intend to go back.. my A race is IMCH and at this point I'm thinking of entering The Big Woody as well.. that would give me a 5 week "rest and recover" period between IM races..

    I shouldn't actaully say this out loud should I?
  • Scott, don't worry, I'm hoping to do IMUK on 08 August, and then The Big Woody atthe end of August, so only 3 weeks apart. But now I've actually typed that it seems too close to one another. Maybe a re-run of The Little woody would be better.
  • I'm registred to do IM France next year, but is it possible to do 2 IM distances in a year? - I'm not sure i could cope!! I'll be giving it some thought tho it'll be either the Big Woody or the New Outlaw Tri in Nottingham if i do decide to go for a second
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