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70.3 training books/regimes??

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide/book/source for training up to 70.3 distance??




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    taytay Posts: 18
    and me - I'd love to do this distance next year, but am not sure re programmes/books either (or would I be better to get an online coach, and how will I choose?) thanks!
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    I bought this one

    [color=#003399]Triathletes Training Bible [Paperback] by Friel, Joe[/color] [Paperback]

    Whilst it has some good pointers, i found it quite hard going for a novice, and some of it was just damn near impossible to understand.

    Maybe when i have a bit more experiance it will all make sense

    I have found everything i need, training plans, nutrition information, motivation from just doing multiple searches using google, everything you need to know is on the net, you just have to hunt for it

    good luck

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    Triathletes Training Bible [Paperback] by Friel, Joe [Paperback]

    yeh i got this book also - very hard going and very scientific - suppose it does cover things in detail for those who want that.

    Yeh i done the same - went thru numerous sites with tips articles, sample plans etc and designed my own really. Went with the 3 times a week for each swim bike run and fitted them into a 6 day exercise plan with one full day of rest.

    I HOPE to do the half iron next year as well and have been told Don Fink writes good books and plans. Might try him

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    taytay Posts: 18
    thanks - i looked at that book before and did find it a mystery, but will purchase and persevere, which combined with google hopefully might prove to be a solution.....! which race are you thinking of garydee?
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    which race are you thinking of garydee?

    lol still in the THINKING stage but yeh want to move up a step each year - the half iron distance i would prob do would be one over in N.Ireland here down in Groomsport Co.Down each year - known as the half IRE-MAN - will see how my winter training goes then maybe register early next year - I need goals to work towards! :)

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    djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    I can recommend a combo of books.

    "Swim Bike Run" by Wes Hobson et al which is a good entry level book which covers all you need to know.

    Followed up by the drier and more technical "Triathlete Training Bible" by Joe Friel (as mentioned above) which has some great training plans and advice and can take you on a level from the 1st book and covers anything from a Sprint to a full Ironman distance.

    Reading the first will enable you to get real benefit from the 2nd.

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    Thx all - I shall bury myself in reading over those long winter evenings as well as turbo training....[:)]
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I kept a daily training diary of my training over 58 weeks up to half IM Antwerp - may I should publish it! ps its in the "what training...." thread
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    Thx I will look it up - only 600 odd messages in that thread should not take too long!![:D][:D]
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