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sore bum

Hi guys,

My bum pain is geting beyond a joke. Here's the situation:

Fizik Arione Tri 2 saddle, assos f1 uno s5 shorts, rides over 3 hrs = bum pain. Shorter rides still lead to some discomfort.

Will it ever get better?



  • The Fizik is by all reports a good saddle (although saddle choice can be very personal), and Assos are the bomb when it comes to shorts. The chances are it is something to do with your set up and how you sit on the saddle.

    As always Sheldon Brown has dealt eloquently with the subject: http://sheldonbrown.com/saddles.html

    Those who know more than me may be able to help better if you are more specific about your discomfort.
  • oh... and chamois cream
  • sheldon brown leads me to believe that i just need to spend more time on my bike, building up my bottom's relationship with the fizik!

    perhaps i need to man up!
  • vetboyvetboy Posts: 21
    I've been having a similar problem. I've got the Fizik saddle, etc. I'd had my set-up done properly, but was still getting excessive pain. The main pressure point with my saddle was between my legs, which was pretty uncomfortable. I dropped the nose of my saddle slightly and the contact points with the saddle increased to include the base of my pelvis. Much more comfortable so possibly worth trying a slight tilt on the saddle. (i only adjusted mine a tiny amount to get a big improvement)
  • sorry, It's a while since I read the article but I was pretty sure that there was some usefull stuff in there about saddle positioning, and how you use the saddle.

    I rekon a lot of people get sore because they are actualy sitting on the saddle (like you might on a chair) rather than perching on it.

    If manning up doesn't work for you go to your local Tri club or a club run with your local cycle club and get someone experienced to have a look at your positioning. Or check out the currently active thread on good lbs to see if there are any good ones near you that can take a look.

    *edit having just read vetboy's post... It seems a common problem with saddle pain is exactly as you describe. I believe that the best way to sit on the saddle is to perch on it with your bum bones rather than resting all your weight on the nose. The bum bones are the bones you feel in your bum when you sit on a hard surface. The key is to adjust and experiment untill you get things just right!
  • thanks macdonald. didn't mean to sound unappreciative. sheldon brown's page was great but i'm pretty confident in my bike set up. i think i am sitting rather than perching, and by manning up i mean get more miles in my legs so i'm more suspended over the seat.

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    it's really hard to be all that helpful without seeing your riding position, and 'bum pain' can cover a whole load of different agonies!

    if your pain is on your sit bones (the bits you need to be perching with on the saddle) then it may be a case of building a tougher hide (manning up) or making some minor adjustments to the angle / position of the seat to encourage a better bike posture. i always understood that you should be a bit 'rolled back' onto the side bones, because if you were rolled forward you are more likely to put pressure on the perienum.
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