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I don't ask for much....

...but if today's lovely weather could be repeated on Sunday at Bala, that would be great!


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I have just had a quick chat with the triathlon gods and they said that if you sacrifice a gel and a triathlon catalogue in a small wood or cuvet near the race then it will be dry. I pushed them on sunny but they were having lunch so it was the best i could do!

    I hope the weather is fine and good luck.
  • "Lovely warm dry sunny weather", "Bala Wales", not normally terms used in the same sentence, other than "I live in Bala, Wales, and just once I wish it could be lovely warm, dry and sunny".

    Thermals and waterproofs will be in order.
  • Bala was gonna be my A race this year until one of my friends planned his stag do on the same weekend! Selfish.

    Good luck with it. Gutted I can't do it and fingers crossed for the miracle of sunshine in Wales!
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