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Am I being a badge snob????

Hey all

Just found this on JE James website in the sale

http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 432&z=2822


Now the issue for me is the badge. It looks a good bike for the price and the running gear seems good enough for me at just above entry level.

Am I just being a snob? Or am I justified in thinking its Raliegh it must be pants?

I could always jhust take the badge off I suppose but..............................


  • I've got one like this, I forget the exact name of it but it's got Campanolo veloce not Shimano.

    I wouldn't know if it was any good (because its my first road bike) but people have been surprisingly complimentary given the badge and I love riding it. So yes, I guess you're probably being a badge snob

    Of course you could argue against buying it as an entry level that it will be hard/impossible to sell on when you up grade because of the badge

    There's a pretty picture of mine here: new-bike-t47194-10.html

    Ignore the high riser on the stem that's because of my dodgy back - it's getting lower bit by tiny bit.

  • Two words, Boardman, Halfords. Love mine, hate the shop, but still get asked about it whenever I rack it. I'm sure some bike snobs have never been in Halfords to look at one, but are interested when you rack alongside them.

    If it fits, ride it, but if it doesn't, don't get it just because it's a bargain.
  • On the fit side... I'd definitely recommend try before you buy.

    As much as I love Red Kev, I've since been told I could have gone with the next size up. Doh! Fixable with new stem and handlbars though... when I get around to it.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    I Have to agree with Triumphant, my boardman is the nuts !
    2008 team model, 20 Speed ultegra, RRP £999.00, I got it for £616 in January this year, and yeah I also get asked about it when I rack it, people are amazed as to the spec you get for your money.

    The boardman Carbon got a 10/10 - that's my next purchase
  • another vote for the boardman. ignore the halfords haters, get the build and fit checked out somewhere else and you're still quids in. had the duke for a few months now and he's my best buddy.
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