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bike rack straps - any idea?

Drawing on the knowledge of the forum....

Has anyone an idea of what these bits are for on this bike rack.

I was kindly given it by a friend but even he doesn't know what they're for

[attachment=0:3qby6dvq]what the hell are these.JPG[/attachment:3qby6dvq]

THey look like little dumb bells.......................




  • Not 100% sure :roll: ...but do they go on the inside of your boot?? Can they be tightened for tension?
  • Just re-read my post. By boot, I mean car - boot. I think they go in at the top and stay in when the boot is shut.
    I think there should be 3 straps on each side of rack to secure the rack to the car.
    I use a MaxxRaxx one now, so not a lot of straps involved!
  • they are used if you have a hatchback they go inside the glass rear windscreen as the steel hooks would make a bit of a mess ...if you don't have a hatchback take them off and use the steel hooks that should also be with the kit and hook them under the boot lid....(have some old instructions i could scan if you want them?)
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Cheers Aoneill69.

    Really didn't think halfords would be efficient enough to have the intructions on line - especially as they don't seem to sell the model anymore...

    But there on their website.

    Cheers for your help.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    What i now seem to have worked out... and this is prob why i've been given it.

    Is there are no rubber strap things to actually secure the bike to the rack. Back to the drawing board!! Halfords don't seem to sell them.
  • When we had one of these types of bike racks we used the long straps to secure the bikes. (the long bits that just hang down after you have secured the rack to the car) Worked fine!
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