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Hello From Ironstruck....

Sure like the look of the 220 Triathlon site. It's changed a lot since my first visit several years ago.

Would like to thank those of you who still drop by my free website Ironstruck.ca on a regular basis. Every month I see dozens of visitors from forum 220 on my visitor list.

Just wanted you to know that I have published my third triathlon book." Ironstruck...The Ironman Triathlon Journey" and "Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Triathlon Questions" have both been well received around the tri world. My new book is called "Triathlete In Transition" is for the very beginner triathlete. The sport just continues to explode around the world and there is a definite lack of good, sound, information out there for the beginner triathlete.

I'm glad to say that "Steve King" the "Voice of Ironman Canada" and "Terry Laughlin" the creator of the "Total Immersion swim technique have both contributed to this book along with 5 other guests who include a massage therapist, a naturopathic doctor, a bike show owner, a top, coach, and a yoga expert.

You can find all three of my books online at Lulu.com or at the tri-book download site....Mindset Triathlon.com. I just sent them Triathlete In Transition and currently Ironstruck one and two are rated 3rd and 6th in their best seller list of 3000 titles.

Hope you all keep visiting "Ironstruck.ca" my free site and if you've never been, come on by.

Best of Luck and Safe Training,
Ironstruck Ray[attachment=0:2b9wzvpe]tint2.jpg[/attachment:2b9wzvpe]


  • 220 may have changed mate but you clearly haven't.

    Your post is SPAM in my view. Nothing to add to this site, just an advert for your website. Members of this forum gain valuable free advice from each other, many of whom are trained coaches and experienced triahtletes. Where are you when people ask questions? Do you ever offer any advice to people on here? Trawling through your 36 posts, it appears not as they're all of the "Oh its been a while since I've visited the forum... why not visit my site".

    Thanks but no thanks.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Nevertheless Ironstruck is a good website and well worth a visit if thinking about IM. I found it useful/entertaining all those months back.

  • WOOOAH!!! YTRIGUY, is not spammer!! He's been on this forum a loooooooooong time.

    ytri your welcome here anytime.......
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    hmmm can see both points of view here.

    So 220 peeps, keep or not?
  • I never know if Firestarter is being sarcastic or not... Let the debate rage on!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Definately not spam.YTRIGUY has been around for a few years,wrote a good book,Ironstruck which is a good read,guess a look on Amazon for this new one.No sarcasm from Firestarter,YTRIGUY is just like that other person,who has started a virtual triclub and has written a book.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    not spam. end of debate.

  • jon.E wrote:
    Definately not spam.YTRIGUY has been around for a few years,wrote a good book,Ironstruck which is a good read,guess a look on Amazon for this new one.No sarcasm from Firestarter,YTRIGUY is just like that other person,who has started a virtual triclub and has written a book.
    Don Fink is on this forum??? Wowahweewah!

    I stand corrected. I will beast myself on the turbo tonight as pennance whilst checking out ironstruck.com
  • Hello out there to 220'ers.......Sorry to see that my post was viewed as "spam" by some on here.

    I belong to many tri-forums and would love to spend more time on all of them helping people out the best I can from my experience as an age-grouper who started his career in Kona, Hawaii 1984.

    However Ironstruck.ca usually has visitors from around 65 to 70 countries every month and I made it a mandate when I first built the site(long before I ever wrote Ironstruck the book)that I would respond to every single email I ever received through the "contact me" page of my site and I have followed through on that promise to this day.

    Often I am up at 4 a.m. before I go to work answering an e-mail from South Africa or Iceland, or practically anywhere in the world about Ironman or triathlon in general and enjoy doing it. As I have said many times, I am not a coach or a pro-triathlete and have never claimed to be. What I pass on to people is what I learned through my experiences on the Ironman highway. Mostly what I pass on is what I learned from all the mistakes I made. Back in 1984 we had no books or internet or equipment, or coaches, or any source of information of any type and it was a struggle.

    A copy of my book" Ironstruck...The Ironman Triathlon Journey" would have been worth it's weight in gold back in 1984.

    I have not forgotten the struggle it was back then and have a true passion for the sport of triathlon and for helping others find their way to the finish line. People don't ever have to pay me for my time and they don't ever have to buy my books. I still share my knowledge with them and help them where I can.

    Yes, I wish I could turn all my books into best seller's. I wish I could quit working after 40 years with the same company and devote the time I have left to traveling to races around the world inspiring people through Ironstruck and my books. Guilty as charged.

    So if that is considered "spamming" and if the regulators of 220triathlon feel that encouraging people to buy a book that will inspire them and provide sound advice is detrimental to their forum, then by all means, they should remove it. It is their site and I respect that and will abide by their decision.

    It will not change anything as far as Ironstruck is concerned. I will still welcome any of your questions and help where I can and that will always be free. Just go to my website and contact me through there any time.

    Ironstruck Ray
  • Hi Ray

    Just to let you know I'm tucking into a wonderful slice of humble pie at the moment.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Allow me to intervene here. A while back the forum was littered with spam. A few of the forumites tried a few tricks to get rid of the spammers but it didn't work. They were cretins that would not go away, the stuff they were pedalling wasn't tri related and indeed was purely fake crap.

    We asked 220 for admin rights but they were ignored for ages. Then out of the blue, completely unannouced the forum changed. Loads of us couldn't log in and I feel that it in someway contributed to a large number of regulars leaving the forum. The change in the forum was supposed to stop spammers but then low and behold about 1 week after the change the forum was littered with spam.

    I sent a few emails to 220 editor asking for some of the regulars to be given admin rights. I was the only one given the rights, much to some people annoyance.

    Having said that I personally spend a bit of time tidying the place up. Most recently porn spam has slipped its way to the forum as well.

    What tends to annoy people is those who post pedalling their tri wares but never have contributed to the forum. The confusion stems that most of the guys/gals on here won't be familar with you and I am one of those people, hence the confusion. We have been corrected by some of the older generation forumites as to your contribution in the past so we welcome you back with open arms and hope that you'll help bring the forum back to the way it once was. We need people like you to answer all our questions and help make us better at the sport we love.

    The only one who posts on the forum who can delete posts is me and your post will not be deleted.


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    dry weetabix eh?

    Is that cause Mrs C has banned the milk??
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