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50 %OT: Perfect day

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Well, does a birthday get better than this? 47 years young today.

3 sets of friends drove 100 minutes to visit yesterday evening, bringing champagne and food, daughter (9 yrs) had baked a coffee cake as well.

Then full english for breakfast, plus pain au chocolat, and great presents

* bib shorts
* arm warmers
* jammers
* cycle jacket
* neoprone cycle bootees and hat
* substantial donation towards a new pair of runners
* pit stop
* coffee flavoured caffeine gels
* SiS lemon flavour energy powder

Then off to Calne for the Blackland Downs Challenge – 11.25 Km fell style (up a hill, past Cherhill Monument, then down again!), son George marshalling, handing out medals and water at the finish.


Totally excellent run, 1:14:57, knocking 5:18 off my time from last year. Stepped on the scales as i was leaving the leisure centre – spot on 100 Kgs That's 5Kgs loss in a month.

Home for a couple of pints at my local http://www.thegeorgeanddragonr…..wde.co.uk/

where one of the runners from this morning was having lunch and donated her desert to my children, and the owner Phil bought my family a round of drinks for my birthday.

Back home to a couple of phone calls from friends, then off to pizza express for birthday tea with my family… and on the way out we bumped into the same woman we’d met at lunchtime.

Do birthdays get any better than this?




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