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One for the ladeeezzz

hey ladies

just did a tri which was longer than a sprint..shorter than a OD and had a blast....problem i had was on the bike....33k

i found myself in agony for most of the ride cause the bits between the lady bits and top of my legs (the joining bits if this makes sense) felt like they were being rubbed raw! i think it's the seam of my tri suit that's doing it and i have this problem with bike shorts as well...i've tried new seats, no padding, padding and apart from the agony, it actually slows me on the bike which is not good...

anyone got any ideas on how to fix this or if they've had the same problem?



  • The 'boys' have problem too. Chamois cream is the prescription. Smooth it all over and the abrasion goes away.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Huh... try being a man then and having your nuts squashed when out a bike run!!!

    I use Udderly Smooth.... I swear by that stuff. It was developed to keep cows udders from getting rubbed raw when getting milked!!!! No kidding.

    Its also good for softening up hard skin. honestly the stuffs amazing.
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