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£1000 Frame and Forks

Hi I have at long last decided that I nee dto uprade my frame and forks in line wit the rest of the bike as it is now. I have £1k to spend on Frame and forks.

Currently the top runner is the ARGON 18 Krypton - Looks and feels very nice..... but am I missing anything?

Road bike semi relaxed/racing goemetry..

I keep thinking about The look one you can get aorund that price point....

What do you guys think?

[attachment=1:1ideuqtp]ARGON 18 Krypton.jpg[/attachment:1ideuqtp]


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I've got the Argon 18 and I've got the seat post turned round to adopt a more TT. I'm sure I posted a pic under the Bike porn thread with the tri bars on it.

    The argon 18 krypton is a very very good frame and not a lot of people have them as opposed to Treks. I'm not saying Treks are bad cause they're clearly not, its just a preference for me.

    I'm sure that Trek do a replacement for the frame if it breaks... might be wrong.

    I'm currently saving for the Argon 18 E114, TT bike cause I think its the dog bollocks. Can I do it justice? No.

    I got the Krytpon back in Aug and I done my second OD on it, over a hillish course and was 10mins quicker on it compared to a flatish standard on my old Claud Butler.

    personally, and I'm baised - Argon 18.
  • If I had to have just one bike, it'd be the Cervelo S1 frame and forks - does both TT and Road due to a unique Bottom Bracket and geometry. 2009's are less than £800 now. 2010's are £999.

    http://www.bikesportmichigan.com/review ... 2009.shtml
    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... 1-09-34796
  • tell me these aren't good value - Bridgetown have a mega sale on............ these are what he's got left

    Scott Addict R4 Frame & Forks – Medium – Suit rider 5’8” to 5’11”

    950 gr
    2.09 lbs

    HMF NET carbon fiber / IMP Technology
    standard seatpost/standard bb

    Addict full Carbon Fork
    390 gr. / 0.85 lbs

    Expander for Carbon Steertube
    and Carbon Topcap

    Ritchey Pro Headset and Carbon Spacer

    Seatpost – clamp

    RRP: £1399

    Sale Price – £800

    Scott CR1 Pro Frame & Forks – Large – Suit Rider 5’10” to 6’1”

    980 gr. / 2.16 lbs

    HMF Carbon Fibre/ CR1 Technology

    CR1 Pro Fork
    490 gr. / 1.08 lbs.

    Expander for Carbon Steertube
    and Carbon Topcap

    Ritchey Pro Headset and Carbon Spacer

    Seatpost – clamp

    RRP: £999

    Sale Price – £600

    And now for the Star of the show – see photos.

    Scott Plasma Ltd. XS – Suit rider of 5?2 to 5?9 – dependant upon effective seat angle (where the saddle clamps in relation to the bottom bracket).

    Built with Sram Red, Bontrager trick tt bits (brake calipers, Stem, Bars & Saddle) American classic 580 Carbon Clinchers. Nice kit.

    RRP. – £5,000

    Sale Price £3,500
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Here's battlecat in her maiden voyage. Holed up in (prob the worst hotel in Cannock) raring to go.

    She cost me £1500. Got the frame and had to go for Fulcrum 5 wheels, shimano 105, bontrager carbon seat post and bontrager seat. Massi headset etc.

    I already had the Zipp tri bars, look pedal. Mike fitted me up for the bike. Its pure magic.

    Bridgetown is a place where some of us go for bikes.
  • Paul123Paul123 Posts: 13
    battlecat is lovely and kewl name:)
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I love her, she is however a schizo.... normally she goes by the name of kringer but mess with her and she's becomes battlecat.... the bike was built by the legend that is Bridgetown Bikes. If I could've afforded it thenI would've had the E112, or more preferably the E114 - both Argons.

    The argon I have was a shit load quicker over 25miles than my old hum dinger. as I said, I'm biased but I sure do like my bike.

    Btw,the pic was taken in Cannock, in the crapest hotel I've stayed in. It was bloody minging, talk about seedy!!
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