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winter training

As running is my weakest discipline I have decided that over the winter i'm going to do something about improving , but not going to neglect cycling & swimming .
I've also set one of my targets for next year as entering 'The Hinckley Half Marathon '.
Training started last week with 2 easy paced 3 mile + runs in the week ,and a 6.5 mile (this is the most I have ever run in 1 go !!!!) which included 2 hills , and about 2.5 miles running along a canal toe path .
This took me 1 hr 7 mins (slow I know !!!)

My question to any running gurus out there is , using the general rule of thumb of increasing your distance by 10 % a week , with every 3rd or 4th week used as recovery , do I increase my long weekend run or 1 of the shorter runs or all ? In time I intend to use 1 of my shorter runs as higher tempo interval / hill training .

All advice will be taken into consideration .



  • 67 minutes for six and a half miles - that's a little over 10min/mile. A fair enough speed for a long run. More important than the pace is the effort. At this stage it needs to be nice and easy.

    The 10% increase can be applied across the board initially. It may be better to work off time rather than mileage. If your two other runs are currently 35 minutes (ish) then you may want to stretch them out to about an hour each still keeping them easy. This should take 7-8 weeks. During this period your long run will have gone out to almost 2 hours.

    Once you get to the end of your base phase you can look at adapting sessions to speed/hill work.
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    My shorter runs are approx. 28-29 mins ,maybe I need to slow these down a little ?

    Thanks for the advice Ash
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    10% a week seems a bit extreme - that means you'll be doubling your time/distance in just 8 weeks.

    I would keep the volume (time/distance) the same for a three week period. And only increment if you really feel you will benefit - and not too injured etc.
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    Thanks for you valued advice , I need all the input I can get .

    Running is an alien sport to me .

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