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Save Cycling England!

Here is a suitable text to send to your mp; you change it if you like’ Act now there is very little time before the quango cuts are announced. Cycling England has one of the smallest budgets and yet has managed to achieve an awful lot; if you want evidence just look at the numbers of people cycling now; look at the number of adverts on TV which feature cycling; its growing day by day. This is not just through Bikeability but the other behind the scenes work that cycling England has done to help councils promote cycling in their areas.

"I am now extremely concerned at the rumours emerging that Cycling England and its programmes could be facing the chop. Most worrying would be the loss of the very successful Bikeability child cycle training scheme. I urge you to contact the minister responsible and the treasury and ask them think twice and look at the facts before considering scrapping these.

Cycling England's logo

As you know, Cycling England is the small but highly effective part of the Department for Transport which deals with getting “more people cycling, more safely, more often”. It has achieved an enormous amount with a tiny budget, and is well-aligned to your government’s localism agenda.

Before the election, the Conservative Party said that: "encouraging cycling will be a major priority for a future Conservative Government as it already is for the administration in London". How will you achieve that without Bikeability or a body to do it?

At the very least, please do what you can to ensure that Bikeability cycle training is retained, along with as many other of the programmes promoting active sustainable travel as possible."


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