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Tri... what has it cost you?

ok not a money question, but what have you had to sacrifice to the Tri gods to keep in this game?.....for me after years of playing golf, the membership is finally going....played only 6 times all year...no chance of protecting the handicap and with missus and kids something had to give


  • What has it cost me you say..................mmmmmmmmmm....

    ....god no........i'm not gonna answer this, the other half does actually login sometimes! If i answered the question it might end up costing me even more!
  • Too much but then again I'm getting a huge amount from it so it's swings and roundabouts.

    Some friendships have fallen by the wayside which is a terrible thing to admit to.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I can honestly say that so far, bar the financial aspect, triathlon has only given back to me.

    Most of my (limited) training has been done in 'dead' hours. I've just made use of times of the day where I previously did nothing. Early morning swims, lunchtime runs, bike commutes... Having said that, IM training plan kicks in next month
  • In non financial terms, it means I haven't been surfing for a year, and my MTB is relegated to the back of the garage as my road bike always gets priority. I've obviously had a little less time during the week with the family, but this is compensated by spendingore time with them on weekends when we've stayed over for races. I also feel that we've been more active as a family dice taking up Tri, spending more time in the pool with my daughter who has the bug for swimming.

    However, any negatives are far outweighed by the positives. I now feel fitter than I have for the last twenty plus years. My weight is substantially reduced, and my body fat us much lower. Had to by a new wardrobe, as nothing seemed to fit. And k think my self esteem has increased, whereas before Tri I would be in yhf gym of in classes on the periphery, I'm now in thf more dominant positions, and the PT's are interested in my training and race results.

    Probably the most peculiar thing though us the feeling that anything is achieveable. I'm now prepared to swim anywhere, pools, lakes, rivers, docks, the sea. And before 2009 the thought if actually going outside for a run filled me with dread, now however I'll pop out on a Sunday for a 15 mike trail run
    just for the fun of it.

    And finally, I think that what makes it's all easier, and offsets all the negatives, is that whoever you seem to come across in the Tri world I'd friendly and approachable.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Yesterday, triathlon cost me some of the skin on my left thigh

    I never played golf much anyway but now all my golf stuff is on Ebay.

    Generally, I have to be careful not to train so much that it affects family life.
  • I'd echo TRIumphant and Flavadave for starters. Spot on, lads.
    Cost outweighs benefits.

    My main cost is Family Time. I have to be pretty careful with my training so it doesn't interfere with them (2 boys under 5) but my wife is going for her black belt in Karate, so she's good about sharing evenings off. Also I use a lot of what used to be 'dead time', early mornings and evenings.

    I still marvel at open water swimming! Who'd have thought a year ago that getting in a swan infested, algae ridden pond at 7am would become normal for a Saturday morning?!

    I used to dabble at motorcycle racing, so the expense of Tri is actually a whole lot cheaper than that sport I can tell you.

    Physically I've gained weight if anything! I have leg muscles I never had before, and my jeans don't fit any more - I keep having to drill new holes in my belts every couple of months!

    The best part is the multisport - we all get to be kids again in a sense. I think it's why Tri attracts so many family men in their thirties. It's all jumping in the pool, then pedalling around on your bikes ('Oooh, look at your bike - can I have a go?'), running about and having a laugh - I seem to remember doing that when I was 10!
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    It has only cost me entry fees so far this year!! But in terms of life/balance etc it has given me back more ... it gave me something to focus on (& continues to do so) when after 12 years or so I got back on the 'singles' treadmill; I've met some great people, had some fun times and I've discovered & learnt a huge amount about myself in the process - I am competitive (who'd have thought after all these years!), I have a strong mind, I can focus, I like a challenge and so on...!!!

    So here's to 2010 and the goals I've set myself with limited funds and basic equipment but massive support!!! Right enough waffle......off to eat a lardy lunch - I smell curry!!!!
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Nothing really. Got to be all positive...

    Early morning weekend swim - i'd be up with the nipper so just spend the rest of the day with her.

    Ride to work during week - would be stuck on the crappy London Midland Train.

    A few hours lost for midweek swims but catch them up with my lunchtime nap.

    Longer sessions at the weekend - would just have been playing golf and then beers afterwards so saving time...

    All good for me! Can't think of anything negative...
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Well if this was based on the financial aspect then I've no doubt is has cost me a lot of money. When you add up the cost of the consumables ie gels, nuun etc on top of the equipment and the clothing then I may as well remortgage the house.

    Having said that we all have hobbies and some of this cost has to be offset against what our hobbies may have been.

    Now this has to be compared to what tri has given back to me and this is comparison far outweighs the cost for me. I am miles fitter than what I was, I eat healthier, I feel healthier and feel better. I've met some good people and I'm part of the best triathlon club in the entire universe.

    I personally have never had a lot of weight to lose, but gaining muscles in my legs which I didn't think existed has been cool. Tri is going to take me to place abroad when I look to do races away from the UK.

    Tri is the best thing that I've done ever. period.
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